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How To Become Certified

The Repatterning Practitioner Association Certification Process

The purpose of the certification journey is to enable candidates to develop a high professional standard in their practice of Resonance Repatterning and to be a positive presence in the life of another. When candidates work towards their own self-improvement, they automatically open their hearts to the potential to live life with integrity, understanding and love. Click Here to read more about the RPA Certification Journey and Intentions....

Certification candidates are motivated to embrace their ongoing process of growth, both as human beings and as Student Practitioners of Resonance Repatterning. This process serves as a catalyst for candidates to embody the positive change and coherence that Resonance Repatterning offers.

To enroll as an eligible Student Practitioner seeking Certified Practitioner status, go to and follow the instructions for enrollment on the I-Declare section. At this web site, students can network and support each other and make contacts with teachers and Designated Observers who are committed to supporting students in their certification process.

Phase 1: Learning the Resonance Repatterning Process

  • Complete the six basic seminars and enroll as a Student Practitioner on the RPA website, I-Declare section.

Phase 2: Gaining Competence

  • Candidates are required to complete seventy-five, one-hour sessions with a client.
  • Do twenty one-hour self-sessions.
  • Do each of the twenty-six different Repatternings from the basic seminars on yourself.
  • Give ten one-hour, one-on-one sessions to peer students.
  • Receive ten one-hour, one-on-one sessions from peer students.
  • Observe two one-hour sessions given by a Meridian student to a third person and give feedback.
  • Be observed by a Meridian student as you give two, one-hour sessions to a third person.
  • Receive five one-hour sessions from at least two different Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioners after completion of the basic seminars.

Phase 3: Demonstrating Competence

  • Satisfactorily demonstrate to an approved Designated Observer(s) the Resonance Repatterning processes and skills identified in the Certification Manual. .
NOTE: Only those who are certified by the RP Association may use the trademarked name and logo for their flyers, business cards, websites, or any other advertising. Any other uses of the logo and trademarked name require written permission from Chloe Wordsworth.



A program website to support Student Practitioners in their certification process.


A Student Graduate Writes...

"Receiving Holographic Repatterning (now Resonance Repatterning) is profound. Learning how to practice it on myself and others is rewarding and life-changing. But my journey to certification was the most empowering thing Id ever experienced." - Lauren Johnston O'Connell

(excerpt from the November 2006 Edition of the HRA Journal. Read the whole story...)




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