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The Annual Meeting consists of a Meeting and a Conference.  The Conference 'doors' open at 11:00am for a Meet and Greet opportunity.  The Annual Meeting is called to order at Noon Eastern. 

The MEETING is free for all members and reports on the activities and outcomes of the previous fiscal year. We will also honor our volunteers and their contributions. 

The CONFERENCE is an opportunity for members to share ideas and learn from each other, and gain greater skill and knowledge in all areas relating to the Repatterning process. There is a nominal fee for the conference.  Return to the Conference Main Page If you are registered.   Not registered yet?   You are just in time, register here.   

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1:30pm Est - Keynote Presentation #1

Practice Energy Healing in Integrity; the Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically with Midge Murphy

#900 Practice Energy Healing in Integrity - SoftcoverIn the excitement of discovering Resonance Repatterning and becoming a practitioner with certification, The road to setting up a paying practice can be met with un-thought of challenges. Unlike established professions such as massage therapy or social work, alternative healing is part of the new frontier in a new age of personal development and transformation. What are the legalities of setting up a practice, what can you say or not say, claim or not claim about the work you do? How does your professional association contribute to your credibility? Find out all you need to know from an Energy healer who is also a lawyer, and specialist on this topic - Midge Murphy. Her book (and our topic today) Practice Energy Healing in Integrity, offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically" has quickly become a classic, and is a required reading in many certification programs throughout the USA.  

Find out more about 

2:45pm Est - Keynote Presentation #2

Using the Five Elements to Reboot Balance and Energy in the Kitchen with Christina Pirello

HomeChristina Pirello is the author of many cookbooks related to healthy, whole foods cooking. Her latest book: "Back to the Cutting Board", includes information on the the Five Elements and how they relate to cooking and healthy eating in the kitchen, for everybody.

In this class, you will get an introduction to how the Five Elements show up in our recipes, the way we cook, what's in our pantry and how it contributes to our health and well-being.  Join us for this presentation to be inspired by how to use your knowledge of energy in the kitchen. Witness Christina's strong Fire energy as she connects with passion and enthusiasm!

Find out more about Christina Pirello at 

4:00pm-5:00pm Est= The Indivisible Whole: Accessing the Heart-Mind Within the Fire and Water Elements with Carol Montgomery MSPT, GCFP, STM


Reconnecting Learning with Human Function and Health

Carol Montgomery is a dedicated, passionate Physical Therapist whose focus is on the somatic relationship between the physical body and the psyche for rehabilitation and recovery. She is also a co-creator of Integral Human Gait™ Theory and a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer.  She is a graduate of both the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute and the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy. Carol is certified in Total Motion Release®

Montgomery offers certification and continuing education programs. 

In this presentation Carol Montgomery will introduce the elements of fire (Heart Meridian) and Water (Bladder Meridian) for a connection to a deeper level of understanding via the 8 extraordinary meridians. 

Find out more about Carol Montgomery at 


 5:15pm  - 6:15pm Est - The Personalities of the Five Elements with Lillian Pearl Bridges...


Everything in the world can be seen through the ancient Chinese prism of the Five Elements. As natural scientists, they observed that all things in the world belonged to these different vibrational families and this included people and how they behave. This presentation will focus on how the Five Elements manifest in people through their personality. Although everyone contains all five of the elements, each person is an interesting combination of traits. Participants will be given the major personality traits of each elemental type and will learn how they manifest themselves in the five element spectrum of personality.


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Got a Nudge to Write a Book? with Victoria Benoit, MC


.. Inspirations from an Amazon #1 Bestselling author and publisher along with ten tips to get started.


Victoria Benoit, M.C., certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner® since 1994, will share about her transaction from being a Repatterning Teacher to an Amazon #1 Bestselling author and publisher. She has a fascinating journey that will inspire you to listen to the nudge to write your book along with ten tips to get started. She will facilitate a repatterning specific to the needs of each participant.  

Learn the Embrace Success Repatterning... with Carolyn  Winter

How familiar are you with our Embrace Success Repatterning?   In this workshop Carolyn Winter will  review how the project team structured structured the repatterning,  the intent behind each section and how to use it for yourself.   Its a work in progress... looking for new additions.  We'll have a short discussion about the marketing section yet to be written and other topics practitioners would find useful.   Consider joining the repatterning 

team after this presentation . 


The Five Elements Go to the Oscars with Chloe Wordsworth and Ardis Ozborn


What better way to learn about the energy of the elements than to learn to see them in popular movies.  Long time film buffs Chloe and  Ardis will discuss some of this year's Oscar pics.  

What is your pic for this year's annual Oscar Best Picture that shows the best balance of 5 elements? 

Bohemian Rhapsody - The Favourite - Black Panther - BlacKkKlansman
- Green Book - Vice - A Star Is Born - Roma

How To do Group Repatternings with Liz Tobin


Doing Group Repatternings is a great way to serve more people, leverage your time and grow your practice. We’ll look at the different formats for facilitating group Repatternings: in-person, via proxy, virtually by teleconference and webinar, live sessions and pre-recorded sessions. Come and learn how the 5 Element qualities can enhance your group sessions!

Doing Group Repatternings is a great way to serve more people, leverage your time and grow your practice. We’ll look at the different formats for facilitating group Repatternings: in-person, via proxy, virtually by teleconference and webinar, live sessions and pre-recorded sessions. Come and learn how the 5 Element qualities can enhance your group sessions!

Confidence Building with the 5 Elements with Ellen Shapiro

Talent and ability are important, but the biggest predictor of success turns out to be confidence. Confidence is a foundation from which to take action and take risks-- and life rewards action, not inaction.  Lacking confidence, we  hold back: we don't take risks, or speak up, we don't ask for what we want or deserve, we hesitate and second ourselves.This is especially true for women who have been trained to be quiet, modest, defer to men, or feel that they have to be twice as good as men just to be considered as an equal.  Ellen will share fascinating research on confidence and how to grow it, and guide us to see confidence within a five element framework.  For example: one key to confidence is believing in ourselves and our ability to learn, grow and evolve.  These qualities- hope and a positive vision of ourselves, are expressions of the Wood Element.  She will conclude with a repatterning to help us come into positive resonance with the five elements of confidence.  Find out more about Ellen Shapiro   Find out more about Ellen Shapiro at www.

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