The Professional Association for Repatterning Practitioners

Designated Observer Policy

Designated Observers Policies and Requirements Approved by RPA Board 

Requirements to maintain an RPA board-approved Designated Observer Status

Requirements before January 2011:

  • Pay as an Orientation fee of $50 for Designated Observers from 2010-2011 who did not attend the free mandated DO training held in January 2010. This is a continuation of practices that occurred in 2010.
  • An Annual fee of $50 is required effective 2011.
  • Implement The Student Practitioner-Designated Observers Agreement Policy. 

Requirements After January 2011

  • Be an RPA member in good standing (dues are currently paid)
  • Pay the annual designated observers $50 fee to the RPA
  • Attend the Designated Observers one hour annual teleconference call. (Any exemptions due to extenuating circumstances will be addressed by the C-Board on an individual basis)
  • Implement the Student Practitioner-Designated Observers’ Agreement Policy.


The Student-Practitioner-Designated-Observer Agreement

This policy requires each Designated Observer to state, in writing, the complete cost of private Tutorial Observations and Skills Development classes, including the completion of paperwork, so that Student Practitioners know the full price in advance and agree to pay the full cost. This means that the full cost must appear in writing somewhere: for example in e-mail communications between the two parties; on websites; in written flyers or letters accompanying registration, etc.

Karen Kent, President

On Behalf of the RPA Board of Directors
And Authored by the RPA Certification Board

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