The Professional Association for Repatterning Practitioners

Annual Events

The RPA hosts three free annual events for the involvement and engagement of its members, plus an annual Conference open to members and the public for a fee. Events are hosted in a live video conferencing format, currently through Zoom, with audio and/or video recordings provided afterwards. The events give members an opportunity to meet each other, ask questions, make suggestions, learn new things and find out about opportunities to get involved. 

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Every year in February, the RPA hosts its Annual Meeting. This meeting provides transparency as the past year's activities are reviewed and financial statements are provided by the Executive Committee (RPA Board). New nominations to the board are confirmed, new business is considered and RPA volunteers are recognized for their generous involvement. The Annual Meeting is free for all members.  

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Following the Annual Meeting, there is a Conference which is open to everyone for a nominal fee (members receive a discount). The Conference features speakers with expertise connected to the field of energy healing as well as other breakout workshops for members to share and learn from each other. 

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Hosted in May, the Annual RPA Vision Day provides members with the opportunity to give feedback on the association operations and plan for the year ahead. A pre-event survey is sent out each year and the survey's results are discussed during Vision Day. Members are invited to participate in group discussions wherein current priorities are evaluated and new ones set. There is also opportunity to volunteer on committees and emerging projects.

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Hosted in late September, this event brings members together to identify, resonate with, and repattern their professional vision and goals and those of the RPA. 

Resonating with intentions in the entrained energy of this group has been known to increase their amplitude. 

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