The Professional Association for Repatterning Practitioners

Sophia Avramides - President

Sophia Avramides is a Certified Repatterning Practitioner. She graduated from the University of Nottingham (Nottingham, England) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology. She went on to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Climate Change from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, England). She moved to Michigan, USA soon after graduation, where she trained as an Upper Elementary Montessori Teacher, at the Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center near Detroit, Michigan. Sophia worked at the Christian Montessori School of Ann Arbor for several years and, during this time, she became a mother and developed an interest in holistic health and energy healing. 

Sophia moved to Brazil with her family in 2011, where she could no longer continue her Montessori work. She attended Resonance Repatterning® training workshops, initially in person and then online, through On completing her training, she used the Resonance Repatterning process primarily on herself and family until she felt called on to do more. She became an RPA Certified Repatterning Practitioner in 2018 and joined the RPA Executive Committee in 2019, serving as Vice-President for a year before becoming President in 2020. She has also trained in Scalar Heart Connection® and is in the process of building her own Energy Healing practice, Anasa360, to help people get to the root of their problems and resolve them to reveal the opportunity that lies beyond - the next step on their personal hero’s journey. 

Kristyn Berry - Vice-President & NAOEP Liaison

Kristyn N. Berry is a Certified Repatterning Practitioner and Certified Dragon & Tiger Qigong Instructor with Energy Arts. She is the founder of A Universal Echo® through which she provides her services.

She is passionate about becoming the best version of herself and endlessly devoted to growing in all levels of her existence connected to and guided by love and compassion. She finds this to be an endless, humbling journey full of an abundance of growth opportunities which are best integrated with a sense of humor. She believes each of us is the “captain of our own ship” and responsible for leading an authentic life path. She blends self mastery with an open hearted healing approach to develop inner wisdom and kinesthetic awareness to shift energetic patterns.

Although always interested in alternative healing practices, her professional career initially began in public accounting, providing auditing and consulting services. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in accounting and finance, and was a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Arizona (12/1/00-4/30/19). She spent over a decade analyzing companies and related systems from a financial, regulatory, forensic accounting and litigation perspective. During that time, she worked with business leaders, boards of directors, and attorneys while helping to create and manage a consulting department. She was also actively involved with hiring, recruiting and in mentoring and developing professionals.

She left the business world and focused on being an active and engaged full-time mom after her son was born. It was during this time that she created the space to fully explore and study the alternative healing practices she always loved. She discovered Resonance Repatterning® and it became an integral part of the self healing process for both her and her family. This inspired her to expand her use of repatterning in a professional way and work with others. She believes leading energetic change through repatterning supports the expression of beauty in the world as its rippling effect spreads within our families, relationships with others, communities, organizations and the world.

Kristyn’s passion for coaching and mentoring others has been the constant thread connecting her experiences. She has embraced her blended background and all that it has to offer the change moving within the world. She loves working with heart-centered leaders and believes each of us is the lead in our own life story. No matter what role manifests in her life: coach, teacher, business professional, energy practitioner, wife, friend, or mother a natural joy arises in her when she is able to connect with others and help them reach their full potential. 

Kristyn practices and teaches qigong and is constantly exploring and learning about additional energy healing methods and systems. She loves to relax outdoors spending time with her husband and son, balancing her activities with pockets of quiet time to read, write and meditate.

Susan Newman - Secretary

Susan Newman is a spiritual, intuitive counselor, energy practitioner, and researcher in subtle energy and energy psychology. Her work seeks to identify and resolve the Psychological-Spiritual-Emotional-Energy root causes of any problem that affects the human condition. Bridging Science and Spirit, her multidisciplinary approach utilizes a versatile set of tools and modalities, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counseling to facilitate positive change for clients at all levels of being.

After establishing her energy practice in 1998, Susan later received all the basic training in Resonance Repatterning with Chloe Faith Wordsworth in 2000. Since that time, she has trained extensively in various energy modalities and consciousness technologies with some of the most preeminent experts in their fields. More recently, after completing all of the advanced RR courses, she became a certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and is serving as secretary on the RPA Executive Committee.

Concomitantly, Susan is finishing her Ph.D. in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with an emphasis in Energy Psychology at Akamai University. She attended Holos University Graduate Seminary from 2016-18 and is a licensed ordained minister with All Faiths Church of Spirituality and Health. Her previous careers were as a public-school teacher and university instructor.

With her compassion for people, passion for this work, and background as an educator, her greatest desire is to make energy healing an approachable, understandable, and valuable tool widely accepted and accessible to the mainstream. The greatest joy of this work for her is the opportunity to bear witness to so much transformation and positive change.

Heather McAbee - Treasurer

 Heather has been involved in the Resonance Repatterning field since 2014, but really this has been a life-long journey for her.  She has always challenged the status quo by asking “why” and “what if” questions in an effort to expand her own curiosity and knowledge and to help others think more creatively.  After 20 years as an accountant, she finally found her career home with Resonance Repatterning and fulfills her passion for helping people through this work.

Heather has a strong desire for self-development and has expanded her Resonance Repatterning practice with additional training: taking advanced Resonance Repatterning courses, Healing The Family courses and becoming an Emotional Freedom Tapping practitioner.  She sees local clients at her office in Billings, MT and around the world via online video conferencing. 

In her free time, Heather enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, practicing aerial and vinyasa styles of yoga, and vacationing to warm, sunny beaches all around the globe.

Tricia Carver - Communications Chair

Tricia grew up on Beals Island, Maine, USA--a gorgeous island where hard work, community-mindedness, and a passionate love of the ocean resonates strongly in the collective energy of the coastal community. Education, volleyball, and following in her sisters' footsteps lead her to two degrees at the University of Maine in Education and Spanish. After studying in Southern Spain, embracing the life-changing culture and people in French Polynesia, and embarking on a summer cultural exchange program in Lima, Peru, Tricia began her career dedicated to educating young people and supporting their growth into their full purpose and potential. First, as a middle school Spanish teacher and athletic coach, she found she could share her love of sport and the benefits of belonging to a team. Her coaching and team building is heart-centered and unique. Three years later, she was moved to serve as a full-time Children and Youth Ministry coordinator for the Community of Christ. This work in a world church informed her thinking about the value of unity in diversity and the essentiality of multiple perspectives in community. She completed her Master's Degree at Bangor Theological Seminary with a concentration in pastoral care. Tricia's plans to pursue military chaplaincy changed when the opportunity to coach collegiate volleyball and have a platform to empower young women presented itself at Maine Maritime Academy. She has been serving the young men and women at MMA since 2013 as Associate Director of Athletics and Head Women's Volleyball Coach. When offered the job, she was asked to "change the culture for women", an opportunity to which she has given her heart and soul. 

In 2018, Tricia knew the time was right to pursue her training in Resonance Repatterning after having received sessions since 2001. Tricia credits resonance repatterning for giving her the freedom to become the person, leader, wife, step-mother, coach, and human she has always wanted to be. She is a Certified Repatterning Practitioner and Reiki Master. Tricia is growing her own resonance repatterning energy business, Live Today, LLC. 

Tricia is a step-mother of four wonderfully unique young people and lives with her family including her brilliant husband, Mark, and black lab, Jaxie. 

Minh Woodruff - Events Chair

Minh Woodruff began her studies in Holographic Repatterning in 2006 and she became a certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner in 2020. During that extended time she completed the advanced RR classes, Magui Block’s Family Systems classes, and repeated basic classes to help reinforce her knowledge and understanding of the coursework. She is grateful for the friendships, learning, and sharing within the NYC RR community and the nurtured support given in Meryl’s RR group practices.

Reiki is the first energetic healing system she studied and completed her master’s certification. She is an upper echelon student of Vortex Divine Healing, an energetic healing modality and a path to awakening.

Her career in international business has been fulfilled. Now she is transitioning into a new career as a professional healer and an advocate for complementary and alternative medicine.

Sarah Gibbons - RRI Liaison

Sarah Gibbons is a certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner since May 2000.

Sarah graduated from The Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester with an HND in Agriculture. During her time at university, she turned her attention to looking at food, nutrition, farming and nature through a different lens to the one she had learned about after experiencing health challenges as a direct result of working on farms and with animals. She became passionate about conservation of natural ecosystems and growing food in ways that are regenerative and replenishing of the soil, producing nutrient dense plants for health and vitality.

Sarah began married life in Scotland, restoring a 4 acre walled garden that had lain peacefully untouched for forty years. She and her husband eventually filled the garden with over a 100 varieties of medicinal and edible herbs and flowers, with salad greens and vegetables thrown in for good measure.

During this time Sarah became a mother to two now grown-up sons. She continued to develop her interests in holistic health modalities and furthered her knowledge in herbalism, food and nutrition. She gained certification in Touch for Health and began a professional kinesiology (PKP) course and then switched to Holographic Repatterning now known as Resonance Repatterning®.

She has recently added modalities of Inner Reconciliation to her repertoire and is currently training in Brain Spotting (BSPUK), having completed phase 1 and 2 this year. She continues to explore possibilities related to the field of Repatterning, resonance and energy psychology. She loves to facilitate health transformation in her clients, understanding for now, that the Divine organic order in nature is the real healer, when we are able to get out of our own way.

Sarah has walked alongside horses on her life’s path since she was eight. She recently spent 3 years teaching at a local riding centre. This validated the need in Sarah to put the horse and its needs first and that they are equal partners and therapists in their own right. Horse wisdom is invaluable.

She currently owns two ex racehorses who are enjoying a happy retirement, freedom to be themselves with their full range of expressions and lots of grass, in spite of the brokenness and traumas they have suffered in their racing careers.

Through all that is present in her life, Sarah has learnt much about what is ready to heal and what isn’t, what can be done ourselves and what can’t. With a husband and two grown up sons, she continues to learn much about the masculine in relationship and thoroughly enjoys fine tuning the dance of the feminine and masculine energies in the family.

Sarah’s overall philosophy is to stay true to her Divine nature and allow it to unfold and blossom in its own right timing. The organic nature of life teaches this to her every day and, when she is fully present to it, the face of the Divine shows itself everywhere. Sarah continues to learn about and practise being present in every moment and welcomes the gifts of love and relationship that come with it.

Fiona MacKenzie - Conference Chair

 Fiona became a certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner in 2018, having first learned about this energy healing process in 2000. It was then that she attended a talk and demonstration of Resonance Repatterning® by founder Chloe Faith Wordsworth, at the Findhorn Foundation, in the north of Scotland, close to where she lives. She was immediately struck by the system and Chloe herself, and the way it brought together all the various elements she had been learning about. Fiona resolved there and then to take the courses and become a practitioner.

As she set foot on her journey, she found herself integrating the learning she had gained from different life experiences and various complementary therapies - such as Touch for Health, Reiki, Yoga, crystals , dowsing, home homeopathy, aromatherapy and flower essences - soon applying her growing knowledge and skills to supporting her own growth and that of friends and family. One particular challenge was to overcome long term unexplained tiredness, and her determination to heal from this kept her exploring and learning new alternative ways.

She has experienced the transformative effect of Resonance Repatterning® on herself and others, as they let go of limitations, find their own jewel within, ever discovering and expanding into their true authentic selves.

Fiona is passionate about discovering and living her truth, and helping others to do the same. In this quest, Resonance Repatterning® has become a valuable tool, and way of life for her, and her life is richer for it.

In addition to serving on the board of the RPA from 2019, Fiona has volunteered throughout her life - mentoring children, being a resource for her local community and Steiner School, as well as a variety of roles in support of the RPA, from helping to create a new repatterning, to helping build support groups for practitioners, to encouraging others to write for the association’s journal.

Kulpreet Kaur - Programs Coordinator

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