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Certification Process and Overview


The purpose of the RPA certification journey is to enable candidates to develop a high professional standard in their practice of Resonance Repatterning and be a positive presence for others. When candidates work towards their own self-improvement, they automatically open their hearts to the potential to live life with integrity, understanding and love.

Certification candidates are motivated to embrace their ongoing process of growth, both as human beings and as Student Practitioners of Resonance Repatterning. This process serves as a catalyst for candidates to embody the positive change and coherence that Resonance Repatterning offers. There are several phases to becoming a Certified Practitioner. Once a member becomes a Certified practitioner, certification is maintained by meeting annual requirements.

Join the Association and Become a Certified Member.

There are several different types of membership. Members may actively participate in the development of the Association's direction and programs. Choose the links below for a detailed description of each member type, including prerequisites, annual requirements and benefits of each level leading to certification.

Member Types
*click through for full membership details

  • Associate Member 
    Anyone may join the RPA for access to our events, and all members programs
  • Student Member 
    Join the RPA at this level while completing your required training
  • Student Practitioner Member 
    Apply for this level to start the Certification process when you have completed the basic required training
  • Certified Practitioner Member 
    Apply for this level of membership when all certification requirements have been met and a Recommendation for Certification by an RPA Designated Observer is approved by the Certification committee.
Summary of Certification Process Steps 
  1. Complete the required Resonance Repatterning Institute training of the first 5 basic seminars
  2. Become familiar with the RPA certification requirements
  3. Apply as a Student Practitioner member or upgrade from a current Student Level membership
    - Pay all fees
    - Submit verification of the first 5 basic seminars completed
  4. Start the Certification process / Login to the Certification Support Center Page
    - Download the manual and relevant forms
    - Access support resources
  5. Complete the requirements
    a) Gain competence by completing self-sessions and sessions on others
    b) Demonstrate competence (Designated Observer observations)
  6. Apply for Certification
  7. Maintain certification status with the RPA by meeting annual educational requirements

1.  Required Resonance Repatterning Training courses

The RPA approved training is provided by the Resonance Repatterning Institute. To take a Resonance Repatterning course you must register with the Resonance Repatterning Institute (RRI) which is run by Chloe F. Wordsworth. Refer to her website at Resonance Repatterning Institute  for additional information.

Complete the necessary courses.  You will need to complete the following courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning
  2. Transforming Unconscious Patterns
  3. Transforming Primary Patterns
  4. Transforming Chakra Patterns
  5. Transforming Meridian Patterns

To register for these courses visit the Resonance Repatterning Institute for more information

2.  Become Familiar with Certification Requirements (Scroll down)

3  Apply for RPA Student Practitioner Membership

  • Join or upgrade your membership to Student Practitioner Member AND pay the one time only certification enrollment fee.
  • You will need to verify that you have completed the 5 basic seminars.
  • You will need to upload your Seminar Card, RRI Transcript or Teacher Verification email. Send a copy of your verification of courses taken to the Association Office (teacher signature card). Your documents will be reviewed and if they meet the policy will be recorded as approved in your submitted record.


  • Pay Annual Dues 
  • Report annual Student Practitioner Continuing Education Units (CEU's) - Review the policy 
  • Note:  * The RPA will review your account. Please ensure that the courses you completed have been verified prior to purchasing a Student Practitioner membership.
    ** The RPA will review your application and provide you with your account details and access to the Student Practitioner Member section of the website.

4. Start Your Certification Program…

Login and visit the Certification Student Practitioner Information Center
  • Access the Student Practitioner Member website and download the RR Manual and relevant forms. Become acquainted with the Student Practitioner support resources such as Mentoring, discussion boards for asking questions, meeting other Student Practitioners and exchanging sessions.
  • Download the Certification Manual and all forms
  • Access a list of Designated Observers

5.  Complete the Requirements 

a) Gain competence by completing self sessions and sessions on others.  These requirements only 'count' after you have registered as a Student Practitioner Member

  1. All Resonance Repatterning books are up to date
  2. Student Practitioner’s session notes have been reviewed
  3. Fifty-five one-hour* sessions have been completed on others
  4. Twenty one-hour self sessions have been completed
  5. Each of the Twenty-six Repatternings on yourself have been completed
  6. Five one-hour sessions have been received from two different Certified Practitioners (video enabled technology may be used)

b) Demonstrate competence

Student Practitioner Members must satisfactorily demonstrate competence as outlined in the Certification Manual.

6. How to Apply for Certification 

  • Complete your certification requirements and submit your certification packet of documentation (as outlined in the manual) to the Certification Board for approval.
  • Upon notification of approval, apply for the Certification level membership  
  • Maintain your certification status with the RPA

7.  Maintain Your Certification Status

Members who have met the criteria for certification, have been recommended to the Certification Board of the RPA and have been approved are listed in our certification registry. Certified members maintain their status by taking a Resonance Repatterning course annually or as per our CEU policy and paying current fees up to date.

  • Pay Annual Dues  You will receive a 30 day notice to renew your membership annually and to report CEU's 
  • Training and Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) Click here to view information regarding Training and Continuing Educational Units.
  • Lapsed Student Practitioner Membership PolicClick here to view the policy on lapsed Student Practitioner Member membership.

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