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RPA is committed to developing training and support materials for its members and interested public audience.  To host our recent endeavors using many hours of video we use a webinar software site called  To preview or purchase any of these specially hosted webinars, please create a webinar login for yourself at or click the product link below and complete with a new login request.  Your username and password does not work at the webinar site.   

Repatternings Live Package 1

How to Use Technology in Your Practice

Repatternings Live! Provides you with 8 download videos each demonstrating a different repatterning from the Resonance Repatterning system by a different certified practitioner member.

This program is an RPA collaborative initiative of our members to provide further study and training support to student practitioners, and provide the public with opportunities to experience repatterning sessions, a variety of practitioner styles and to discover how this process will help them. Student practitioners may claim 8 ceus for this package of videos.

Each video demonstrating a different repatterning invites the viewer to 'proxy into' the session to also receive the shift possible. The client volunteers (our student practitioners) then hold the space for all participants in the session while using their own details to proxy the group.

The eight video download links are available online indefinitely after purchase and include:

  • Creative Self-Expression Repatterning with Laura Frisbie in North Carolina
  • Appreciation Repatterning With Yvonne Bost In Australia
  • Abundance Repatterning with Magui Block in Cuerravas Mexico
  • Parental Repatterning with Ellen Shapiro in New Mexico
  • Commitment Repatterning with Karen Kent in New Jersey
  • Earlier Experience Repatterning with Sylvi Salinas in New Mexico
  • Sound Frequency Repatterning with Ardis Ozborn in Arizona
  • Negative Thoughts Repatterning with Liz Tobin in Massachusetts

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