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In Sessions: what happens if......

  • 19 Jul 2018 5:19 PM
    Message # 6389369

    Re: PP Probs to opp p25

    B b. Identify the negative feeling. [question] Client could not come up with negative feeling associated with problem Problem was 'tired'

    My learning in retrospect is to check felt sense at a. - to give some feeling for b. of some sort.

    Bd. Identify Negative attitude

    (p. 32) 1.The blame attitude

    b. 1.(name person) is the cause of my problem; : [question] Client could not think of any person. 

    My reflective learning - could have gone to : 'there is a problem here'.

    { question] Some clients are not able to get to the nuanced subltities of their issue to state what they feel or who else may be invoved.

    Any comments thanks.


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