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Standing Committees

Membership Committee

The membership committee is comprised of the current Board Members and the Administrator.

The Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • Collecting feedback from members - using the online form - and reporting back to the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis with recommendations arising from the feedback.
  • Sending written notice to members to renew their membership
  • Proposing new membership fees for approval by the Executive Committee
  • Planning the next virtual annual meeting and conference in conjunction with the secretary and administrator
  • Evaluating all immediate critical issues
  • Developing new strategies

Nominating Committee 

The Nominating committee is comprised of at least 3 volunteers, the chair, a volunteer from the last annual meeting and a board member.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for: 

  • Assessing the upcoming vacancies for the RPA Executive Board
  • Reviewing the bylaws pertaining to nominations 
  • Issuing a call for nominations from the membership 
  • Presenting a slate of nominations at the annual meeting of members to fill vacancies. 

Certifying Board

The Certifying Board is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining the Certification Manual
  • Creating and reviewing the certification policies to make sure that they are current
  • Making recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding any changes to the policies
  • Reviewing applications
  • Answering any questions posed to them by Student Practitioners,
  • Receiving, reviewing and approving recommendations for certification, and
  • Communicating with students, teachers and the Resonance Repatterning Institute whenever needed.

Other Committees & Projects

The RPA Journal Committee

The Journal Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing Editorial Policies 
  • Becoming oriented to the technology supporting the Journal publiscation
  • Managing journal blog USERS with invitations and approvals
  • Reviewing, modifying and approving CONTRIBUTOR articles 
  • Supporting RPA members to become regular contributors at the site Journal page
  • Developing Content Strategies for membership participation at the journal
  • Developing a Social Media Strategy to promote readership at the blog
  • Reporting the journal activity to the RPA Board on a quarterly basis – stats, successes, new policies for approval
  • Monitoring the blog for changes and updates needed to the Appearance
  • Communicating with the membership on the value of writing articles and RPA training opportunities
  • Publishing the newsletter of blog articles  (done via webmaster).


Facebook Group, Pages and Account

The RPA maintains a Facebook account with several pages and a private group open to RPA members to support outreach, communication and connection with our community. 

Walking Our Talk

The Walking Our Talk committee implements the tasks required to maintain this monthly program of practitioner sessions.  Tasks include finding and training hosts for the monthly event, maintaining the event calendar of upcoming sessions, recruiting volunteers for up-coming events, recording and posting the video afterwards on the WOT program page. 

Ebook Repatterning Project "Embrace Success"

The Ebook committee is an ad hoc group resulting from the 2016 Annual Professional Goals Day that are developing a new repatterning to support the professional goals of members.  

Repatternings Live!

With this project our goal is to record the 26 basic repatternings, each demonstrated by a different practitioner doing the session. The video recordings are available to members and non members at a nominal fee to provide experiences of repatternings to those new to repatterning, training material to student practitioners and a low cost CEU option. The product is available from our Store.

RPA World Peace Hologram committee

The WPH committee maintains the continous operation of the WPH program through a number of tasks.  These include:
  • approving and orientating new volunteer
  • providing training materials to volunteer practitioners
  • contributing to the weekly newsletter to subscribers (done via webmaster) 
  • sharing of events with social media
  • developing related repatternings for use by practitioners

Meet the Current Volunteers
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