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Have you noticed? Making Peace Personal in 2018 - the sessions are working.

9 Mar 2018 10:57 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)
This week, i watched the daily news on TV with mild amusement and a feeling of happy pleasure that perhaps our sessions together  - Making Peace Personal in 2018, are making a difference.  In these 12 sessions participants offer 2 intentions for the series one for a specific intention for peace somewhere in the world and another intention for themselves personally. 

The list of World Peace Intentions cover a broad range of topics.  However,  in the past week i noticed the following contributed to Intentions made in our sessions over the last 3 months: 

- Florida passed a gun law restricting fire arms despite the disapproval of the NRA.  Some feel it does not go far enough but it is a start. Perhaps the first of 52 states?  

-At the winter Olympics  Kim Jong Un's sister reached out to officials and  North Korea made an appearance there.   The principles of Olympism at work? (google that one!)

-Donald Trump Will Meet With Kim Jong Un By May - OMG!

These news items are so striking to me in terms of our sessions that i am now eager to watch the news for additional positive outcomes! 

If you are participating in the series what have you noticed in the news that is evidence for  your specific intention for peace manifesting? 

Join the series at anytime.  The next session is April 2nd 

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