Starting Saturday  February 15th 2020... 

Join Us for Daily Optional Pre-Conference Event Activities...

Take an amazing transformational journey into yourself as we learn about and experience the major chakra system.  Enhance your 2020 Conference experience by participating in a variety of pre-conference activities.  Each day the conference committee will email participants with a selection of quick, easy pre-conference activities to deepen your understanding of the chakras.

The RPA Annual Meeting & Conference 2020


         Saturday February 22  &  Sunday February 23, 2020
             12:00pm- 6:00pm Eastern

[In other time zone the conference begins at: 9:00am Pacific| 10:00am Mountain | 11:00am Central | noon Eastern | 5:00pm London | 6:00pm South Africa]

11:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M Eastern

DAY 1 - Saturday February 22nd - Doors Open

11:00-11:45am Est. Meet and Greet Room... Doors open!   Poke Your Head In and See Who's There! 

The conference doors will open at 11:00am Eastern time for anyone who would like to meet others and chat or to get set up and oriented to the conference room.  Come and catch up with old friends.  If the room gets crowed we'll set up some break out rooms for smaller meetings.  

The conference officially begins at 12:00pm Eastern with the Annual Meeting of Members

12 Noon Eastern - 1:15pm Eastern

The RPA Annual Meeting and Conference Opening


The Annual Meeting consists of a Meeting and a Conference.  The Conference 'doors' open at 11:00am for a Meet and Greet opportunity.  The Annual Meeting is called to order at Noon Eastern. 

The MEETING is free for all members and reports on the activities and outcomes of the previous fiscal year. We will also honor our volunteers and their contributions.   

1:30 -3:00 P.M. Eastern Keynote Presentation #1

Dr. Keith Witt, Ph.D

Loving Completely A Five Star Practice
for Creating Great Relationship

"This talk will explore the Loving Completely system for establishing and maintaining great relationships. There are countless systems for understanding relationships, and thousands of studies on every aspect of a couple's experience from choosing partners, to romance, to marriage, to children, to old age. All of them offer valuable information and useful techniques. In the Loving Completely system, multiple approaches fit together into a coherent framework of love and family. Loving Completely orients around five central questions that can guide us to creating satisfying intimacy, identifying and healing relational problems, and integrating personal meaning into our relational lives. We'll discuss this framework and how to apply it to day to day living and loving." - Dr. Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt is a Licensed Psychologist, teacher, and author who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, CA. since 1973.

Dr. Witt is the founder of The Art and Science of Relationships, at  where he offers his School of Love Lecture Series, blogs, Therapist in the Wild webseries, and Integral Conversations audios and videos on  health, love, relationship, sexuality, spirituality, development, and psychotheray related topics. 

3:15-4:15 P.M. Eastern Keynote Presentation #2

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw

Resonate: Zen and the Way
of Making a Difference

Remember the swingset of your youth? It’s an example of resonance, and how sensing larger forces and adding effort at just the right time can have an out-sized impact, along with resilience and joy. The difference you want to make as a leader can have the same spirit of play when you harness resonance, and this session will lead you there. You’ll come away with a feel for how resonance works and simple but powerful practices for changing your own resonance that help you make a difference with greater impact and less effort.

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw is a Rinzai Zen master and founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership. Author of The Zen Leader and co-developer of FEBI, a validated personality test linking mind and body, she is a recognized expert in developing whole leaders. She’s been teaching leadership programs and coaching executives in global organizations for 25 years. Formerly, Deputy Manager for integrating NASA’s Space Station Program, she has a Ph.D. in biophysics, a B.S. in Physics, and a 5th degree black belt in Aikido. Her new book, Resonate, is coming soon.



4:30 - 6:00 P.M.  Eastern Keynote Presentation #3 & #4

Bill Little and Andrea Little

Using Sound from the Voice to Help Accelerate the Repatterning of the Chakras and More ...

Andrea (Ann) is a former CA from KPMG in Toronto, Bill Little a 30 year plus computer architect originally from British Columbia . Ann and Bill have dedicated their lives to the journey of evolution through unconditional love and surrender for themselves, each other and the people they connect with. For over 10 years Ann and Bill have been travelling Canada and other parts of the globe sharing and teaching about love based consciousness and sharing the tools including QAS Services, Personal Frequencies, IQubes, Channelling and Light language that they have used to assist themselves and others that to help bring each of us back from chaos to calm. To find love.

During this workshop, Ann and Bill will use sound in a very unique way to create a unique set of vibrational frequencies that we will play as a group over zoom, created from the power of each of our voices, to help as a collective shift the patterns that exist in all of us that are stopping us from love. During this discussion, Ann and Bill will share one of the unique divine sciences that have shown up in their lives in the last 10 years that they use and share wit the world to amplify the letting go process in the human form.


Select from either the Quantum Sound workshop or the Chakra Aroma Oil presentation.  Catch the other later with the recording. 

Dr. Dana Young

The Power of Chakras - Emotional Release Work Using Essential Oils with a Correlating Energy Center.

In 1995 when Dana Clay Young began his scientific discovery into the world of alternative medicine and essential oils. After years of personal study and training with the leading experts and authorities of alternative medicine and essential oils, he was able to glean a broad understanding of the chemistry and science of essential oils. Dana is one of the very few people in the world who has been involved with every aspect of essential oil production. Because of this, he has extensive knowledge of the importance of the seed selection, propagation, cultivation, harvesting, distillation, and quality testing of essential oils. Dana provides a unique and robust understanding of essential oils that no other essential oil provider in the industry can offer. His knowledge and background of these medicinal plants provide Be Young with the highest quality essential oils on the market.

“The Power of Chakras- emotional release work using essential oils with a correlating energy center”

  • Learn how Emotions are energy
  • Learn how the Chakras can support the body’s energetic pathways using essential oils
  • Learn about the Emotional Aromatic touch hand application
  • Learn how essential oils can assist you with emotional release for children
  • Learn how essential oils can benefit your work with the release of trauma with pets

Day 2- Sunday February 23rd 2020

Conference Presentations Begin at 12:00pm Eastern...

Welcome back to the second day of our exciting conference!   Today we have again an abundance of wonderful presentations by our own mentors and teachers.   Each of the presentations are timed for 60 or 90 minutes and 15 minutes in-between presentations.  Our intention is to give adequate time to the topic and to have informal chats afterwards.  There are 3 choices of sessions for each of the first 3 Timeslots PLUS Chloe  Wordsworth Presents as the last Keynote of the conference at 4:45pm Eastern.   You can do it all by watching the recordings for the sessions that you miss! 

12:00pm - 1:30pm PRESENTATION OPTIONS #1

Tina Beneman

Using Tuning Forks to Adjust the Earth Star and Sun Star Chakras

Pre-recorded broadcast available at 12 Noon February 23, 2020.   

I am glad to share from my study of Biofield Tuning, a comprehensive sound balancing protocol developed by Eileen McKusick. McKusick uses tuning forks to explore and clear blockages from the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. A tuning session begins by adjusting the chakras above the crown and below the feet, called the sun star and earth star in this work. I will demonstrate how to open these chakras with tuning forks which enhances receptivity to any kind of healing. 

There are tuning forks developed specifically for Biofield Tuning but any forks will serve. The F chakra fork from our RR tool kit is a good one to experiment with. 

Suzanne Ravenall

Understanding Trauma


“The act from the outside that causes the trauma happens to you, but trauma happens within you”

The journey to heal from any sort of trauma is a courageous one, as it is for those that are willing to assist people through the process, and it cannot be taken lightly or without thought and care. It can also often be the primary cause that shows up in clients who have tried everything to get well and seemingly can’t get better. Trauma is indeed a complex issue. It now seems common place to see the large majority of clients suffering with some kind of trauma. A trauma experience changes the way that people understand themselves the world and others. As human beings we experience trauma when our primal survival responses are activated and are hard or impossible to shut off.  It is a body based response with psychological and physical consequences. It feels impossible to control this response as it comes from the autonomic nervous system, which was created to work on its own separately from you to keep you safe. So it always works automatically and shows up first. Add to that how the brain processes trauma and is impacted by trauma and you can have an entire system that seems out of control and unmanageable tired but wired constantly hijacked. Trauma doesn’t just affect individuals it is transmitted from generation to generation in both families communities unless it is healed.

Linsay Wilson

There Is More To It Than Taking A Deep Breath



Ellen Shapiro

Developing Confidence and Personal Power Through the Chakras 

In this session we'll explore beyond the limited understanding of power asa residing only or mainly in the third chakra and look at different aspects of power, personal magnetism and confidence through the other chakras as well. For instance, sexual energy, associated with the second chakra, when connected to the heart and throat, generates charisma and attraction power.

Liz Tobin

Money Karma and the Chakras  

Elizabeth Tobin introduces you to the Money Archetypes Repatternings she developed to help her clients transform their karma around money, work and abundance. Join us for this interesting and informative presentation where you will:

Learn about the different Money Archetypes and how they relate to the chakras,

Discover the hidden gifts these Money Archetypes hold,

Gain an understanding of how these Repatternings support you and/or your clients in integrating these archetypal energies and releasing karmic contracts relating to money, work and abundance.

Karen Wayne

Crystals, You and Your Clients, too!

What you will take away from this class is how to use crystals for self-care, which enhances your connection to the energy created between you and your clients when in session and your ability to sense it

3:30pm - 4:30m Est PRESENTATION OPTIONS #3

Laura Frisbie

Discover How Using Keywords Aligns Your Business with All Seven Power Centers of Healing   

(Your Clients Are Searching for You: Help Them Find You!)

Keywords are called “key” “words” because they really ARE KEY. In this presentation you will learn...

The basics of how keywords connect you with your ideal clients

How to discover the keywords that lets them know you are what they need

An example of a successful keyword (which you can use) and how I discovered it

Links to resources that help you help your ideal clients discover you

Dee Jenkins

An Introduction to The Twelve Powers of Man 

My topic is an introduction to The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity. This book tells how the Chakras were viewed approximately 120 years ago. I believe "You are never too old to learn and grow" so I invite you to do so in my presentation..


4:45pm - 6:15pm Closing Keynote Address

A new way of looking at our Chakras, Energizing Options and Our Electric Circuitry

Chloe Wordsworth - founder of the Resonance RepatterningĀ®  system...

has spent her life in self-healing work, beginning in her 20s with an in-depth exploration of the effect of nutrition on health.

In her 30s she became a Polarity Therapist and in her 40s, after attending the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, she became a Licensed Acupuncture practitioner. During the eight years of her private practice, she studied numerous self-healing systems, always searching for answers for how people can heal themselves and their relationships with a sense of ease and joy.

In 1990 she began to write down the Resonance Repatterning System (originally called Holographic Repatterning) because others wanted to learn to do what she was doing in her practice, to help themselves and others.

Chloe writes books, teaches Resonance Repatterning, films videos on different aspects of RR and directs the Resonance Repatterning Global Institute.

A new way of looking at our Chakras, Energizing Options and Our Electric Circuitry

In this presentation Chloe will explore the four components of the electric circuit — the source of our energy, the inductor that gets energy moving, the capacitor that stores and releases energy and the resistor that provides the right amount of energy for each unique function. She will describe how these components relate to our Chakra energy system and specifically how we can use the six categories of Energizing Options (Process Options, Sound, LIght, Movement, Breath and Energy Contacts) as a way to maintain balance in our Chakras and electric circuitry.

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