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  • POST CONFERENCE RECORDINGS: RPA Annual Conference February 22/23 2020

POST CONFERENCE RECORDINGS: RPA Annual Conference February 22/23 2020

  • 22 Feb 2020
  • 11:00 AM
  • 28 Feb 2020
  • 6:30 PM
  • Online using Video Conferencing


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The RPA Annual Meeting & Conference 2020


Register early to participate in the optional
Pre-Conference Event Activities February 15-21

A daily email provides fun options to explore the chakra of the day.   


   Saturday February 22  & 
Sunday February 23, 2020
            12:00pm- 6:00pm Eastern

[In other time zone the conference begins at: 9:00am Pacific| 10:00am Mountain | 11:00am Central | noon Eastern | 5:00pm London | 6:00pm South Africa]


Conference Doors Open at 11:00am Eastern 
Join us for the Meet & Greet - say "HI" to old friends and new!

12:00PM- 1:15pm Est.

1:30pm-3:00pm Est. Presentation #1 

Dr. Keith Witt - Loving Completely A Five Star Practice
for Creating Great Relationships

"This talk will explore the Loving Completely system for establishing and maintaining great relationships. There are countless systems for understanding relationships, and thousands of studies on every aspect of a couple's experience from choosing partners, to romance, to marriage, to children, to old age. All of them offer valuable information and useful techniques.  Read More>>>

3:15-4:15pm Presentation #2

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw
Resonate: Zen and the Way of Making a Difference

Remember the swingset of your youth? It’s an example of resonance, and how sensing larger forces and adding effort at just the right time can have an out-sized impact, along with resilience and joy. The difference you want to make as a leader can have the same spirit of play when you harness resonance, and this session will lead you there. You’ll come away with a feel for how resonance works and simple but powerful practices for...  Read More>>>

4:30pm-6:00pm Est Presentations 3 & 4
(Pick one - view the recording for the other)

a) Using Sound from the Voice to Help Accelerate the Repatterning of the Chakras and More ...

During this workshop, Ann and Bill will use sound in a very unique way to create a unique set of vibrational frequencies that we will play as a group over zoom, created from the power of each of our voices, to help ...  Read More>>>

b) Dr. Dana Young - "The Power of Chakras - Emotional Release Work Using Essential Oils with a Correlating Energy Center."

“The Power of Chakras- emotional release work using essential oils with a correlating energy center”

  • Learn how Emotions are energy
  • Learn how the Chakras can support the body’s energetic pathways using essential oils
  • Learn about the Emotional Aromatic touch hand application  ...  Read More>>


Practitioner Presentations and
closing Keynote Address with Chloe Wordsworth


Tina Beneman - Using Tuning Forks to Adjust the Earth Star and Sun Star Chakras

Suzanne Ravenall - Understanding Trauma

Linsay Wilson - There is More to It than Taking a Deep Breath 

Read  All the Details Here...

1:45-3:15pm Est. PRESENTATION OPTIONS #2

Ellen Shapiro - Developing Confidence and Personal Power Through the Chakras

Liz Tobin - Money Karma and the Chakras

Karen Wayne - Crystals, You and Your Clients too!

Read All the Details here...


Laura Frisbie - Discover How Using Keywords Aligns Your Business

Dee Jenkins - An Introduction to the Twelve Powers of Man

Read All the Details here...

4:45pm - 6:15pm  Closing Keynote Address

Chloe Wordsworth - founder of the Resonance Repatterning®  system... 

has spent her life in self-healing work, beginning in her 20s with an in-depth exploration of the effect of nutrition on health.

In her 30s she became a Polarity Therapist and in her 40s, after attending the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, she became a Licensed Acupuncture practitioner. During the eight years of her private practice, she studied numerous self-healing systems, always searching for answers for how people can heal themselves and their relationships with a sense of ease and joy.

In 1990 she began to write down the Resonance Repatterning System (originally called Holographic Repatterning) because others wanted to learn to do what she was doing in her practice, to help themselves and others.

Chloe writes books, teaches Resonance Repatterning, films videos on different aspects of RR and directs the Resonance Repatterning Global Institute.

Chloe Wordsworth Presents: A new way of looking at our Chakras, Energizing Options and Our Electric Circuitry 

Chloe will explore the four components of the electric circuit — the source of our energy, the inductor that gets energy moving, the capacitor that stores and releases energy and the resistor that provides the right amount of energy for each unique function. She will describe how these components relate to our Chakra energy system and specifically how we can use the six categories of Energizing Options (Process Options, Sound, LIght, Movement, Breath and Energy Contacts) as a way to maintain balance in our Chakras and electric circuitry.

 ... 


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