The Professional Association for Repatterning Practitioners

Meet the Volunteers

Volunteers For Our Current Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Projects

RPA Board of Directors / Executive Committee

Carolyn Winter
P: 416-763-6306 (Canada)

Veronica Puente Vera
P: 973-567-9770 (USA)

Rose Gallagher
P: 717-668-3007  (USA)

Lana Lewis
Board Member & RPA Administrator 
P: +27 11 4442265 (South Africa)

Isabel Thomas
Board Member & RPA Administrator
P: 602-799-1252  (USA)

Leah MacLeod
Member At Large
P: 519 942-2884 (Canada)

Carole Brown
Member at Large
P: +1 925 247 4498  (USA)

Tabitha Twitchit
Member at Large
P: +44 1364 631171
Mobile: +44 7805 465126 (England)

Folusho Oshoko
Member at Large
P: +44-208-536-1036 (England)

Standing Committees Members

RPA Certification Committee / Certifying Board 

Chair: Sarah Gibbons
Members: Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, Jennifer Johnson, Chrissy Powell and Isabel Thomas (board liaison)
Phone: 1-800-685-2811 ext 3

Nominating Committee 

Members: Carolyn Winter, Jenny Woodruff, Rose Gallagher

Membership Committee 

Members: Carolyn Winter

RPA Journal Committee

Chair: Carole Brown
Members: Sophia Avramides, Fiona MacKenzie

Projects Committees

Facebook Group 

Members: Carole Brown, Sophia Avramides 

Walking Our Talk

Members: Leah MacLeod, Rose Gallagher, Carolyn Winter

Ebook Repatterning project Embrace Success

Members: Fiona macKenzie, Flavia Fuller, Heather Macabee, Folusho Oshoko, Tabitha Twitchit, Ellen Shapiro, Carolyn Winter

Repatternings Live!

Members: Rose Gallagher, Veronica Puente, Carolyn Winter

RPA World Peace Hologram committee

Carolyn Winter
Phone: 1-800-685-2811 ext 2

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