The Professional Association for Repatterning Practitioners

RPA Board of Directors/Executive Committee

Meets monthly to review and update policy and procedures; receive reports from Standing Committees

Sophia Avramides
P/ WhatsApp:  +55 11 99981-1219 (Brazil)

Vice President

Fiona MacKenzie
P: +44 1309 691843 (Scotland)

Heather McAbee

Sarah Gibbons
RRI Liaison

Minh Woodruff
Events Chair

Conference Chair

Tricia Carver
Communications Chair

Kulpreet Kaur
Programs Coordinator

Contract Positions that Support Our Volunteers

Isabel Thomas

RPA Administrator

P: 602 799-1252 (USA)

Ted Joblin

RPA Webmaster

P: 615 499-1031 (USA)

Laura Frisbie

RPA Registered Agent


RPA Media Coordinator

Standing Committees Members

RPA Certification Committee / Certifying Board 

Meets:  Approximately every six weeks
Certify students who apply for accreditation.  Meets annually with Designated Observers.  Ensures Certification Manual is up-to-date.

Chair: Sarah Gibbons
Members: Meryl Chodosh-Weiss and Isabel Thomas (board liaison)
Phone: 1-800-685-2811 ext 3

Nominating Committee 2020

Meets:  In the fall of each year
Purpose:  Recruit future board members for upcoming year and presents names to the Board's Annual Conference

Members: Andreea Dersidan; two additional members to be appointed later in the year (one by the Board; the other by Tina and the appointed member)

RPA Membership Committee 

Meets:  As needed
Purpose:  Reviews and updates CEU policy for certification; meets with new members to introduce them to the RPA

Members: Sophia Avramides

RPA Conference Committee

Meets:  Often, as the many components of the Conference are developed
Purpose:  An educational forum to the RPA and general public.  Pre-conference activities provide an enriching background to the two-day conference held every February


RPA Journal Committee - see also RPA Journal webpage for more information

Meets:  Periodically throughout the year
Purpose:  Engage RPA members to write articles for publication in the RPA Journal, sponsor writing forum (Journal Cafe') to support writers

Chair: Fiona MacKenzie
Members: Sophia Avramides

RPA World Peace Hologram Committee - see also WPH Calendar for upcoming events


Carolyn Winter
Phone: 1-800-685-2811 ext 2

Projects Committees

Facebook & Twitter - see also Facebook webpage

Meets:  To be announced
Purpose:  Using social media to connect the RPA with the public

Liaison:  Tricia Carver  

Walking Our Talk - see also the WOT Webpage for more information

Meets:  Monthly
Purpose:  Supports professional goals and visions

Members:  Kulpreet Kaur and Debi Youngquist

Ebook Repatterning project Embrace Success - completed February 2018

Thanks to Fiona Mackenzie, Flavia Fuller, Heather Macabee, Folusho Oshoko, Tabitha Twitchit, Ellen Shapiro and Carolyn Winter for their efforts!

We are leaving the door open for additions to the repatterning!

Repatternings Live!


  Carolyn Winter

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