Current RPA Board of Directors

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Executive Board

Click here for a list of the current Board Members.

We are always looking for additional members to assist on the board.


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We are always looking for additional members to assist with administrative, website and social media duties.

Current Contract/Volunteer Positions that Support the RPA Board

Laura Frisbie

Registered Agent

Standing Committees

RPA Certifying Board 

Meets:  Approximately every six weeks
Certify students who apply for accreditation.  Meets annually with Designated Observers.  Ensures Certification Manual is up-to-date.

Chair: Sarah Gibbons
Members: Meryl Chodosh-Weiss

Nominating Committee

Meets:  In the fall of each year
Purpose:  Recruit future board members for the upcoming year and present the names at the RPA's Annual Conference.

Members: Executive Board

Project Committees

Facebook and Twitter (Refer to the Facebook webpage)

Meets:  As needed
Purpose:  Using social media to connect the RPA with the public

Liaison: Executive Board

Walking Our Talk (Refer to the WOT Webpage for more information)

Meets:  Monthly
Purpose:  Supports professional goals and visions.

Liaison:  Debi Delaney

RPA Journal Committee (Refer to the RPA Journal webpage for additional information)

Meets:  Periodically throughout the year
Purpose:  Engage RPA members to write articles for publication in the RPA Journal, sponsor writing forum (Journal Cafe') to support writers

Chair: Victoria Benoit
Email: or

RPA World Peace Hologram Committee

Meets:  As needed
Purpose:  To repattern world peace.
Email: or

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