We are always looking for individuals to assist in the following areas

The RPA is a self-regulated organization that depends on the involvement and contributions of its members. Volunteering with your association gives you the opportunity to make valuable connections, learn new skills from each other to enhance your business or your practice, make a contribution and HAVE FUN. We encourage all members to make the most of their membership and get involved. 

The RPA is run by volunteers. We are currently looking for the following volunteers:

  • Treasurer (Executive Board Member) - actively recruiting (Quickbooks)
  • Secretary (Executive Board Member)
  • Conference Planning Committee
  • The Repatterning Journal Committee
  • Certification Committee
  • Designated Observers / Designated Observer Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • World Peace Hologram program
  • Marketing / Member Liaison - actively recruiting
  • Website development / Wild Apricot Administration

Request to Volunteer

Do you have a special skill set, such as computers, administration, secretarial functions, finances, fundraising, networking, mentorship, etc. that you would like to share or you know can assist the RPA?  

To get started, simply email rpa@rpamembers.org and express your area of interest and/or skills.

Meet our current Volunteers

To see who is currently volunteering, click here to meet the current Volunteers.  You will see just how many committees and special projects are going on to support the RPA's programs and structure. 

This page was last updated on 21 June 2023.

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