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Everyone Has a Place at the RPA!!!

The RPA is a self-regulated organization that depends on the involvement and contributions of its members. Volunteering with your association gives you the opportunity to make valuable connections, learn new skills from each other to enhance your business or your practice, make a contribution and HAVE FUN! We encourage all members to make the most of their membership and get involved. 

RPA uses volunteers for a variety of roles:

1. Committees:  Membership Committee, Volunteer Services (looking after this page!), The Conference Planning Committee, The Repatterning Journal Editorial Team, Certification Committee, Communications Committee

2. A variety of long and short term projects:  Website Committee, Developing Embrace Success Repatterning, The Holacracy Project,  Editor on The Repatterning JournalDeveloping the World Peace Hologram Program and someone to work on the newsletter.  

3. Programs: Mentoring Program, Walking Our Talk, Facebook Group Manager, Facebook Page Strategist, 

4. Join the Board of Directors: All members in good standing with the RPA are welcomed to be nominated to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting or be considered for interim vacancies. The term is 2 years.

We invite you to find your place among your peers... Scroll down to find out how! 

New to Volunteering?

Tickle your consciousness for volunteering...

Do you enjoy writing?  Want to roll up your sleeves and take part in developing content for a special project? Enjoy working together with others?  Have you volunteered in the past?

Do you have a special skill set - computers, fundraising, networking - that you'd like to share?  

How about simply wanting to learn more about the RPA and all of the wonderful things it has to offer!

To get started, simply email and express your area of interest and/or skills!

If you'd like to apply for a specific volunteer opportunity, simply check out

The Volunteer Opportunities/Help Wanted column below....

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

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Meet the Volunteers...

To see who's volunteering, click here to Meet the Volunteers.  You will see just how many committees and special projects are going on to support the RPA's programs and structure. 

Still not sure about volunteering?  Do the Embrace Success Repatterning to resonate with your next developmental stages of getting involved. 

Volunteer Support Access

For current volunteers needing access to committee pages and discussion boards, click here to be routed to the Volunteer Support Center.  


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