Executive Committee (RPA Board)

Carolyn Winter 



Laura Frisbie


Deby Delaney


Carolyn Winter - President 

Stepping in to meet bylaw and legal requirements for our incorporation, Carolyn is well known among long standing members.   This would be her 3rd time in as Prez at the Repatterning Practitioners Association.   A practitioner since 1997 and now developing her own system of Life Repatternings based on Integral Theory  at www.LightTravels.com, Carolyn believes all Repatterning practitioners bring the world a special talent for working with energy expressed through their own unique gifts and talents.  She stands in support of practitioners who have done the work, have the experience and want to be known in the world.  To that end she is committed to keeping RPA available online as resources permit. 

Laura Frisbie - Treasurer

Laura Frisbie has also stepped up to the board position of Treasurer to help the association meet it bylaw and legal requirements.   A past president and also serving board member, she is also the paid Registered Agent who maintains all legal requirements for maintaining our association.   

Deby Delaney - Secretary

Deby Delaney was nominated to the RPA board as Secretary last December 19th 2024.  She began taking Resonance Repatterning classes in 2009. It was simultaneous to receiving breast cancer treatment. The work of Repatterning greatly supported her going through treatment.   She then studied at the Trinity school of natural health for 5 years to become a Naturopath which she combines with Repatterning clients.

"It’s so important to see the connection between mind and body." - Deby Delany. 

She recently, I finished the Magui Block diploma program in family systems - a program she recommend for anyone with family issues.  

Currently Deby is living a long held dream of living in the mountains. "I was able to fulfill this dream in 2021 when I moved to Utah. I’m really getting into hiking and camping, which is kind of a new experience. I also love getting to the ocean at least once a year. A creative challenge I’m working on is sewing my clothes. I find so much joy in helping clients that someday I hope to be teaching repatterning work. "

Appreciations to our Recently Resigned Board Members

Rosalyn Newsom - Treasurer

A Repatterning Practitioner since 2006. Rosalyn continues in Repatterning training programs with:
The Magui Block Method
Resonance Repatterning
and other areas of personal and professional development.
Her background as a Bio-Feedback Technician and Herbalist contributes to her spirit-mind-body focused Holistic Approach she applies to her clients and her life.

Patti Towhill - Member at Large

In practice for 25 years, the hallmark of Patti's work is her belief that everyone has the innate power to create their own healing and transformation. She assists each individual as they take their own steps into greater well-being, freedom, love, success, and ever more conscious living. Patti Towhill is a holistic counselor, vibrational energy therapist, and author, who provides empowering assistance to anyone seeking change for the better in their lives. 

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