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The RPA Community

Welcome to the RPA community.  At our RPA website there are a number of ways for you to meet and connect with other members of the community or find out the latest news.   This page will provide you with a brief overview of each event listed in the drop down menu.   

RPA Members Directory

All members are automatically listed in our RPA Members Directory.  This directory is only accessible by members when they login.   However, each member may control who may view their contact details on this page from their members profile.  To update your members directory listing, go to your members profile - login and then click your name in the top right corner of that page.  You will then land on your profile page.  Press EDIT to make changes to your profile and control what is visible to the members.  Look for your friends in the directory.  

RPA News Bulletins

The News bulletin area is like a bulletin board.  Quick notes are posted here from board members with announcements and any website updates.  We have 3 bulletin areas: 

      • General RPA News and Updates 
      • World Peace Hologram News 
      • RPA Journal News

You may visit each of these bulletin areas directly or catch the highlights posted on the home page.   Bulletin information is used to send out newsletters approximately once per month.  

Professional Forums

Forums and How They are Structured

The use of forums is brand new for our community and we look forward to how members may make use of this feature.  Forums provides members with the opportunity to discuss a topic of interest and share information.  We have already started a few creative uses for this website feature.    

We have 3 types of forums: 

  • Professional  Forums
  • Social Forums
  • Volunteer Support Page Forums. 

Each type of Forum can host multiple discussion areas.   Often An individual discussion forum is sometimes referred to as a discussion board.   

For example: The Professional Forum has 3 discussion boards:

  • Embrace Success Discussion Board (established for members to add suggestions to the repatterning) 
  • Certification Support Center Discussion Board (for student Practitioners to ask questions) 
  • RPA Journal Discussion Board (to discuss topics for articles, obtain writing support, or share ideas for the journal) 

Each Forum area enables discussion through the initiation of TOPICS.    - Once a topic is initiated on a discussion board of any forum, forum members may add to the discussion by using the reply button.  Here is an example of how a forum is structured using the Embracing Success Repatterning Discussion Board: 


     Embracing Success Repatterning Discussion Board

           Embracing Success Repatterning Discussion Board Current TOPICS:

  • Add your profession goal to the list
  • Add your recommended book or resource to the repatternng (press reply to add your suggestion) 
  • Add your poem to the repatterning healing list (press reply to add your poem) 
  • Add your recommended Positive Action ( add your recommended positive action) 

Be sure to press REPLY to a posted Topic to add your comment to the discussion. 

EXPLORE the RPA FORUMS and join a discussion! 

Social Media / Facebook

Find us on Social media.  Click here for all the details on how to join us on our main Facebook account, chat in our groups, or find our facebook pages. 

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