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Welcome to the RPA community! There are a number of opportunities for you to meet and connect with other members or receive news and updates. This page will provide you with a brief overview of the options listed in the drop down menu.   

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All members are automatically listed in our RPA Members Directory.  This directory is only accessible by members when they login. Look for your friends in this directory, or make new ones through the Swapping Program you will find on the same page.  

Practitioner Insider Articles

Share your expertise, tips, knowledge, and insight with new and experienced practitioners alike by posting your written contribution here. Read what other members have shared. 

Volunteer Center

Volunteering at RPA provides members with new ways to connect with each other, learn new things, and have fun! On this page find out more about our volunteer program and how to get involved. Whatever time you have to share, there's an opportunity for you!

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Discover what's new at RPA and find out about the latest happenings in our organisation here. The News Feed is visible to all members and the public. 

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Forums (Discussion Boards)

Forums provides members with the opportunity to discuss a topic of interest and share information.     

Types of forums: 

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