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[VIDEO COMING ] - Welcome to the Walking out Talk program page. On this page we’ll post upcoming events, the post-session recordings and facilitate a discussion board for conversations in between.

Walking our Talk is a program of mutual support inspired by our members at the 2017 VISION Day. Members meet on the second Saturday of every month at Noon Eastern for a group repatterning to support each other personally and professionally. Occasionally the group meets on an alternative day of the month at or at another time (Eastern) to accommodate members from other time zones.

The event is hosted with video conferencing using and all members are warmly invited to attend. The sessions are informal and a great place to meet other members, make connections and of course be repatterned!

'Walking Our Talk' Repatternings will be recorded as proxy sessions. The audio and recent video recordings will be available to listen to on this page a few days after the event.  Any member who is unable to attend the actual session may choose to proxy himself into the session and receive the benefits.  Check the events calendar below or at EVENTS for the latest listings. 

'Walking our Talk' Group repatternings will be hosted on Zoom. The link will be the same each month and is found in the access details.

To receive a reminder email for each event along with the access details be sure to sign up at the events page

Embrace Success Repatterning

In 2019 We'll be using our very own repatterning developed to support our professional goals and vision of success as practitioners.    All members may download this repatterning or access online. 

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Join us for  the monthly WOT session for the special support we receive by being part of an entrained group for our vision and values. 

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Session Swapping Program

Need more support between sessions or more individual support?  Repatterning Practitioners are life long learners "inspiring growth in each other....".  Access our list of member practitioners available and willing to trade or swap sessions. 

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