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RPA Programs benefit members and non-members alike and they provide opportunities for engagement, growth, self-mastery, and expansion into the world. This page will provide you with a brief overview of each program listed in the drop down menu.   

Walking Our Talk

Members Group Repatternings

Walking Our Talk is a program of mutual support. Practitioner members meet on the second Saturday of every month for a group repatterning to support each other personally and professionally. 

Visit the Walking Our Talk page to sign up for sessions, access recent recordings, participate in the forum, or to volunteer to facilitate a Walking Our Talk session.

RadioCast Archives

Insights Shared by Our Certified Members

In the early days of becoming a virtual community, the RPA board hosted a number of telecalls with practitioner members of our community. These were free events that we dubbed "RadioCast". The information shared on many of these recordings is still relevant today. While RadioCast is no longer in production, you may find these archived recordings timeless and priceless. 

World Peace Hologram (WPH)

Public Group Repatternings to Create Peace in the World

Everyone is invited to join free group sessions intended to create a vibration of peace in the world. Our premise is that when each of us resonates with peace, we strengthen the vibration for peace in the world. Follow the blog or subscribe to the newsletter to learn when the next session will be offered and how to participate. 

Practitioner Members are warmly invited to join this initiative. Visit the World Peace Hologram page. 

Embracing Success Repatterning

An RPA Repatterning

The RPA has developed a repatterning to
support our professional goals and vision of success as practitioners. As a member, you may download this repatterning or access it online. 

The Repatterning Journal

A Publication of the RPA

The Repatterning Journal is a publication of the RPA where Practitioner members share their wisdom and insights on Resonance Repatterning, related topics on energy healing, or share resources of interest to those on the path to self-healing and transformation. Follow the Journal at and subscribe to our email newsletter round up of recent articles. 

For information on how to become a contributor, visit The Repatterning Journal page. 

Annual Events

Member Participatory Gatherings

The RPA hosts 3 free annual events, using video conferencing, with recordings provided afterwards. The events give members an opportunity to meet each other, ask questions, make suggestions, learn new things and learn about opportunities to be involved. Visit the Events page.

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