Repatterning Explained

Repatterning is considered an integrative alternative self-healing system within the newly emerging field of energy medicine.

It is designed to provide an opportunity to help you clear any and all negative beliefs, behaviors and emotions that may be creating limitation in your life. 

What could Repatterning do for you?

The premise of Repatterning is that much of what may be holding you back comes from unconscious patterns, or programming, that took place early in life.

These patterns can create worry, fear, anger, and sadness and interfere with your ability to have happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in your work, relationships, life, and your health. You may not be consciously aware of many of these patterns, yet they can have a major impact on your life.

Even a single Repatterning session  has the potential to assist you in creating lasting positive change in your life and higher coherence for improving your health and general sense of well-being.

The Science Behind Repatterning

According to New Physics, we are a mass of energy frequencies, vibrating at many levels, and whatever we resonate with, or are in-tune with, is what we will experience in our life, what we attract and manifest in our everyday existence. 

The theory of energy medicine methods such as Resonance Repatterning is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies are important for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and for fostering well-being.

What to Expect from a Repatterning Session

  • A Repatterning session involves minimal to no physical contact with a client. 
  • It can be done effectively over the phone or via video conferencing, like Zoom.
  • Your practitioner will use Muscle Checking (aka Applied Kinesiology) to help you identify limiting unconscious patterns that your body-mind-energy system is ready to let go of, and the new, coherent, life-enhancing patterns you need/want instead.
  • You will be asked to repeat these statements and your resonance with each statement will be checked using Muscle Checking. 
  • Once all the statements are gathered and your resonance confirmed, your practitioner will identify a modality for you to do, which is designed to bring coherence to your energy system and shift your resonance with the statements identified in your session. 
  • Your practitioner will help you confirm your energy shift by rechecking your resonance with the statements in your session and check to see if other positive actions are needed to support you. 
  • Remember, only patterns that you are ready and willing to change will surface during a session. 

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Our Repatterning Practitioners have received extensive training, have demonstrated their competence, and are in compliance with our ethics policy. Select 'Find a Practitioner' to find the right practitioner for you.

Although Repatterning is intended for “healing”, it is not to be construed that it is the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or other licensed health care practice. Rather,Repatterning is designed to assist an individual in addressing imbalances in the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and energy systems of the body; thereby, creating the opportunity for the mind/body to heal naturally. Please see our Disclaimer for further information.

Although it is not possible to provide any guarantees, the Repatterning is designed to be an effective way to identify and clear the patterns of energy underlying any issue, problem, or discomfort you are experiencing. It has been reported that a single session can cause breakthroughs that ripple out over time and bring life-changing results.  

While it isn’t possible to guarantee any specific results and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using Repatterning, this person reports having positive experiences. 

This page was last updated 19 April 2023.

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