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Are you new to Resonance Repatterning?

Have you taken a couple of courses or are you ready to start the Certification Program? Are you totally switched on to this awesome way to heal yourself? Maybe you have just had a session or two and want to experience more of what practitioners are doing with this awesome work.

We have a tribe for you!

 Once you start learning how to do Resonance Repatterning and experience the miraculous when doing sessions, most people want to share it. You soon find out that many people cannot appreciate your awesome experience. Some friends do not want to hear about it at all! Avoid the downward spiral of isolation and join us here at the Repatterning Practitioners Association. You will be in the good company of like-minded people who know about the power of this work, walking our talk and exploring oodles of ways to use RR for everyday life situations.

Join to meet and network with other like-minded members at our three annual events and our monthly group Repatternings hosted live with video conferencing and of course, a recording afterwards. Enjoy inexpensive videos of recorded sessions by our practitioners or support student practitioners looking for volunteer clients. Collaborate with your peers on any number of creative program ideas inspired at our meetings. Our members have created The World Peace Hologram Program, the RPA Journal Online, an Embrace Success Repatterning-Transforming Professional Goals, and many other webinars and teleconferences over the years.

Browse the archives of past interviews, webinars and journal articles, and fully integrate the new model of healing you have learned. Gain credibility for the work you do with our independent Certification program, Code of Ethics and Standards, supported with our incorporation as a 501c6 Trade Association. List your services along with your peers in our membership directory.

Meet members for additional social activities at our Private Facebook group for members where connections are made, session exchanges arranged, and heartfelt sharing takes place. Learn to market your service by NOT selling. Instead, gain credibility and create a web presence with articles at the journal, or host a WPH session, or list your services in our membership directory. Along the way learn insider tips for Repatterning, new ways of doing things online, techniques to integrate into your business and so much more.

Join an association that understands you and supports you in becoming a practitioner. The world needs your services - make sure you belong to your own community of support. You are welcome here! 

There are four categories of membership, each with greater access to our programs and benefits.

  • Associate members are non-voting members who may join committees and groups, receive membership discounts at events and buy products and networking opportunities at the store. 
  • Student Members who have partially completed their basic training may vote, will receive an eight lesson Teleseminar on the Five Elements by Ardis Ozborn, as well as membership discounts and an opportunity to join community collaboration opportunities. 
  • Student Practitioners get started on the RPA Certification program, host WPH Events, publish articles in our RPA Journal online, and list their services in the Membership directory. 
  • Certified Members may hold executive office on the RPA Board, have a detailed web listing, and benefit from many other opportunities for promotion. 

We have room for you too! Join today and get started with our next monthly group repatterning! 

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