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Frequency of Health & HEAL the CORE... when talking is not enough
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Resonance Repatterning
Advanced Practitioner Since 2002, Theresa Larson continues in the training programs offered by RPA and the Repatterning Institute as well as in other avenues of education and personal development. Having a medical background adds to the her knowledge and understanding of the body-mind connection in alternative health care and she advocates for her clients self care needs, while using traditional western medicine for a comprehensive approach to wellness care.
Description of Services
Theresa offers Colorado locals, office space for private sessions. Here there are many energy tools and more healing options are available in house.
Mobile services are offered within a 25 mile radius of South-East Colorado Springs where she has lived for 20+ years.
Clients, living farther away, are encouraged to have Video Conferencing sessions.

Ask about weekly mini sessions to make huge strides when dealing with chronic issues!
When being hosted at homes, offices or hotels out of state, she is willing to travel, (please allow 3 months advance for scheduling)

Working with your Practitioner, Resonance Repatterning brings balance and positivism to any area of life. Theresa offers both individual and group sessions in any of these areas or a session may include;

*Personal Health; on the Mental, Emotional or Physical levels. Q: Do you 'resonate' with your Dr's plan of care for you? Have you had an emotional shock recently or in the past that keeps surfacing?
*Entrepreneurial or Career Success, RR can help you attain clarity of your purpose and vision or create a mission statement. Getting 'in-tune' with your business goals creates the potential for abundant success with less energy.
*Family dynamics, *Team Coherence, *Group & Organizational Support, *Relationship Commitments

Resonance Repatterning & Other Services are available by appointment.

You may schedule and pay for your session:
TEXT 24/7 to Theresa: 719.491.2601
By Phone 8 am-5 pm MST, Monday-Friday (10-7 EST) and
FREE 15 min Consultation for new & potential clients are best if scheduled.
Please state your request & basic contact info. You will receive a reply within 24 hours
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