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Quantum Healing Codes with Stephen Lindstadt

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The Quantum Healing Codes are based on the idea that there exists a predictable geometric pattern behind all matter, reflecting the principle of sacred geometry that mathematical ratios are related to musical and harmonic laws governing the universe. Psychologist, Carl Jung, believed that the contemplation of such symbols or primal archetypes, specifically the mandala image, have a significant impact upon consciousness. During Stephen’s teleconference, he explains the sacred geometry through the ancient Chinese cosmic patterns of the ‘Lo Shu’ taken from the tortoise that emerged from the Yellow River with a strange array of patterns displayed on its shell. This pattern is similar to the magic squares found in Albrecht Dürer’s famous etching, Melencolia I, and popularized by Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. Stephen shows how these patterns create the interlaced tetrahedron or the Star of David and how the harmonics of the Quantum Healing Code emerge to create this identical pattern, which is the fundamental construct of matter and thought. The understanding of the dynamic relationships between sound frequency and their equivalent geometries will enhance Resonance Repatterning practitioner’s use of the Quantum Healing Codes within the context of a session and beyond. Includes workbook and MP3 download of this 2 hour recorded class. Note - the CD related to this course is available at
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