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RPA Annual Meeting & Conference 2017 Post Conference Recordings

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Annual Meeting - Noon to 1:00pm Eastern Welcome and Orientation Annual Report Nominations to the Board New Business The Year Ahead Volunteer Acknowledgements Keynote Presentation - 1:30pm- 2:30pm Eastern "Stress And the Inner Tradition" presented by Chloe Wordsworth The current political climate has created stress for many no matter where one stands politically. How can we as practitioners make sense of the current dynamic, protect our energy and support our clients? Chloe uses the Inner Cultivation model to bring light and understanding. The presentation ends with a short repatterning. Set your personal positive intention. Chloe will demonstrate and use the Platonic Solids to help shift the energy field. Q & A to follow. Break-Out Sessions - 2:45pm - 3:45pm Eastern Participants have a choice of 3 different sessions to attend. All will be recorded and available after the session. a) Student Forum - The Student Forum offers student practitioners a place to ask questions and discuss the repatterning process, the certification process, and the Mentoring Program. This forum will be hosted by a panel of experienced practitioners; Jennifer Johnson, a teacher of Resonance Repatterning and a member of the certification committee, Leah Macleod who leads the Mentorship program and Rose Gallagher a newly certified practitioner and member of the RPA board who remembers what it was like to be a student. The discussion will be followed by a repatterning to support all those present. b) Numerology the Origin of Creation and our Personality Number by Lana Lewis (Pre-recorded) c) How to Use Technology to Support Your Practice by Carolyn Winter (live/interactive) - Carolyn will share her tips on how to use video conferencing for client sessions, how to offer tech support to clients, and many invaluable tips for being tech (and marketing) savvy.
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