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RPA Post Conference 2019 Recordings

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In addition to the audio recording of the RPA Annual Meeting, you will receive audio recordings of: KEYNOTE ONE Midge Murphy, author of "Practice Energy Healing in Integrity, offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically" is required reading in many certification programs throughout the USA. What can you claim about your work? How does a professional association help your credibility? Learn what you need to know from an Energy Healer, lawyer and specialist on this topic. KEYNOTE TWO Christina Pirello, author of "Back to the Cutting Board," a cookbook with information on how the Five Elements relate to healthy cooking. In "Using the Five Elements to Reboot Balance and Energy in the Kitchen," Christina shares her passion about how the Five Elements show up in recipes. Christina is the author of many cookbooks related to whole foods cooking. PRESENTATION ONE Carol Montgomery MSPT, GCFP, STM In “Accessing the Heart-The Indivisible Mind Within the Fire and Water Elements," Carol introduces the connection between Fire (Heart Meridian) and Water (Bladder Meridian) for a deeper understanding of the 8 extraordinary meridians. Carol Montgomery is a Physical Therapist with focus on the somatic relationship between body and psyche for healing, co-creator of Integral Human Gait™ Theory, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer and certified in Total Motion Release.® PRESENTATION TWO Lillian Pearl Bridges Learn how the Five Elements manifest through personality and the major personality traits of each elemental type. Each person is an interesting combination of traits. FROM OUR MEMBERS: 1. Got a Nudge to Write a Book? with Victoria Benoit, MC Amazon #1 Bestselling author and publisher with ten tips to get started. 2. Learn the Embrace Success Repatterning with Carolyn Winter 3. The Five Elements Go to the Oscars with Chloe Wordsworth and Ardis Ozborn 4. How To do Group Repatternings with Liz Tobin
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