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RPA 2021 Conference Recordings

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Purchasing this conference package includes access for AT LEAST ONE YEAR to all 2021 conference pages, pre-week daily content, and to stream recordings of: KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS: 1. Chloë Goodchild: Discover Your Authentic Voice as Medicine for the Soul 2. Vickie Dodd: Self care with Sound and Movement 3. Phyllis Douglass: The Song of your (IN)lightened Spirit 4. Professor Jeralyn Glass: Sounds that Soothe the Soul; The Healing Vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls FROM OUR MEMBERS: 1. Carolyn Winter: Resonate with Patterns of Luck, Synchronicity, and Flow 2. Liz Tobin: Amplify Your Practice with Synergy 3. Ellen Shapiro: Raise Your Money Vibe: Repattern Your Relationship to Money 4. Dr. Suzanne Ravenall: Post-Traumatic Growth: Resilience to Growth 5. Panelists: Rosita Alvarez, Linsay Wilson, Heather McAbee, Andreea Dersidan, Monica Doyley, & Debijean Youngquist All days of pre-week activities
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