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RPA 2020 Conference Recordings

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Purchasing this conference package includes access for AT LEAST ONE YEAR to all 2020 conference pages, pre-week daily content, and to stream recordings of: KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS: 1. Loving Completely: A Five Star Practice for Creating Great Relationships - Dr Keith Witt, PhD, a Licensed Psychologist, teacher, and author who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, CA. since 1973 www.drkeithwitt.com 2. Resonate: Zen & the Way of Making a Difference - Dr. Ginny Whitelaw, a Rinzai Zen master and founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership. Author of The Zen Leader and co-developer of FEBI, a validated personality test linking mind and body, she is a recognized expert in developing whole leaders. 3. Sound from the Voice to Help Accelerate the Repatterning of the Chakras - Bill Little and Andrea Austin. For over 10 years Ann and Bill have been sharing and teaching about love based consciousness and sharing the tools including QAS Services, Personal Frequencies, IQubes, Channelling and Light language that they have used to assist themselves and others that to help bring each of us back from chaos to calm. 4. Emotional Release Work Using Essential Oils with a Correlating Energy Center - Dr Dana Young. After years of personal study and training, Dr Dana Young was able to glean a broad understanding of the chemistry and science of essential oils. FROM OUR MEMBERS: 1. Using Tuning Forks to Adjust the Earth Star & Sun Star Chakras - Tina Beneman 2. Understanding Trauma - Suzanne Ravenall 3. More than A Breath - Linsay Wilson 4. Developing Confidence & Personal Power Through the Chakras - Ellen Shapiro 5. Money Karma & the Chakras - Liz Tobin 6. Crystals, You & Your Clients, too - Karen Wayne 7. How Using Keywords Aligns Your Business with All Power Centers of Healing - Laura Frisbie 8. An Introduction to the Twelve Powers of Man - Dee Jenkins 9. A new way of looking at our Chakras, Energizing Options and Our Electric Circuitry, plus new Repatterning - Chloe Faith Wordsworth
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