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RPA 2018 Conference Recordings

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In addition to the audio recording of the RPA Annual Meeting, you will receive access to audio and video recordings of: KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS 1. Take the Mystery out of Marketing Your Services - Michael Hammock of Q2Digital. Michael and his team customized and set up our new membership website. With 35 years of communications and technology experience Michael has developed a unique strategy of combining technology and communications into a teaching and educating mindset that removes client resistance. 2. Living in Tune with Your Light - Chloe Wordsworth. In the very special 2 hour presentation, Chloe discusses her 3 new seminars "Living in Tune with Your Light" and facilitates a group repatterning using one of the Living in Tune Repatternings. FROM OUR MEMBERS: 1. Learn to Broadcast Your Own WPH sessions... Like a TV Talk Show Host - Carolyn Winter 2. The 5 Keys to Healing Your Family - Magui Block 3. Amplify Your Light - Carole Brown and team
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