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On this page you will find links to PDF copies of our earlier publication called the RPA and HRA Journal. The association's earlier newsletter format from 1995/6 to 2001 was published quarterly and mailed to members - imagine that! In 2002 Administrator Naneen Boyce transformed the newsletter to a journal format as you will see in this archive. This quarterly journal was also mailed to members until 2010 when the cost of postage became prohibitive and online methods were now available.

The publications contain articles from Chloe Wordsworth, other teachers, and many practitioners over the years. You will find many of them as relevant to your study or interest in Resonance Repatterning as ever. We plan to have each of these editions featured in a monthly review post at the current If you wish to receive notification of these and other articles written by practitioners, please subscribe here


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The Repatterning Journal is a publication of the Repatterning Practitioners Association. Our practitioners write about the useful applications of the Resonance Repatterning system, related topics of alternative healing and energy work, or share resources of interest to those on the path to self-healing and transformation. Either follow the blog site at or Subscribe to our newsletter round up of recent articles.

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