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  • Releasing Trauma on June 16th With Sophia Avramides and Tabitha Twitchit

Releasing Trauma on June 16th With Sophia Avramides and Tabitha Twitchit

  • 16 Jun 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online by proxy


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TIME:  This session is hosted by proxy meaning without the group present and will be held at 12-Noon Eastern.   A video recording of the session will be posted afterwards.  

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:   Visit this WPH post and complete the session form at the bottom of the post.   A video recording will be posted afterwards.  

Description:  Have you noticed how much trauma there is in the news? There are volcanoes erupting, wars, struggles against oppression, demonstrations, immigrants risking their lives to flee dangers at home, children separated from their parents, kidnapped, people assaulted, raped… Each one of those things (and many more besides!) causes trauma and, if we put them all together, we can safely conclude, I think, that there are a huge number of people living with trauma today. excerpt) ...

Bringing thoughts, behaviours, patterns and feelings to our awareness is the first step, but in order to see real change, it is imperative that we shift our resonance, both individually and collectively, to a new, higher frequency. We need to let go of the outdated beliefs and patterns holding us trapped in this cycle and begin resonating with new beliefs that empower us to create a new reality for ourselves and others.

Resonance Repatterning (RR) is a tool that allows us to do this almost painlessly. My colleague, Tabitha, and I have decided to team up and facilitate this for everyone. Simply give us permission to proxy you into this group RR session below, fill out the rest of the information (all submissions are anonymous) and rest assured that your energy will be included in this session, whether you find this post (and recording) today, or five years from now. By including yourself, you will not only be shifting your own patterns and beliefs, but those of the whole of humanity. Try it out! What have you got to lose?  Find out more and sign up for this session at WPH - continue here

Sophia Avramides 

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