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  • 11 Nov 2018 7:37 AM | Lana Lewis (Administrator)
    Hello Everyone. The RPA team wanted to ensure that everyone is aware of the privacy settings for each Member's profile. The privacy settings were discussed in a webinar that was hosted on 13 January 2018. The link is as follows:

    If you would prefer only some of your personal/private details displaying on your Member profile, then you have the ability to change these settings. The 'how to' is explained in the above webinar. If you have trouble or are unsure how to do this then please contact the RPA Administrators and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

  • 21 Oct 2018 3:54 PM | Sophia Avramides (Administrator)

    While looking through the films in the Fire Chakra positive action list, I realised that the list is rather short and unlikely to inspire my son who still prefers animated movies. Sounds to me like something the RPA could help with, I thought!

    If you would like to take part by suggesting films and their corresponding Chakra/Five Element correlations, please reply to this post and, who knows, perhaps we'll get enough contributions to turn it into an ebook!  

  • 29 Sep 2018 11:09 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)
    Our 3rd Annual Goals Day September 29th was a wonderful success and so much fun.  Our thanks to everyone who participated and made a contribution.  The highlight of course was our Poetry Creation exercise to energize our professional goals. 

    It's not too late for you to participate!  Visit the Professional Goals Day Event Page for all of the special interactive links, the audio downloads or watch the video replay  On the page you will also find links to share resources, submit your intention to the repatterning, or to volunteer for the bite size opportunities to be involved at RPA. 

     After all - together we are soooo much more! 

    With Love and Light 

    Carolyn Winter

    President at RPA 

    Here is the poem created by the participating group...

    Loving Awareness Awakens Us

    Love begets growth, gratitude, and healing
    Ease that offers fulfillment now
    Inspiring understanding creates clear and extraordinary power
    Tickled with joy and excitement
    With trust and compassion bursts magic

    the group in attendance September 29th

  • 17 Sep 2018 6:41 PM | Sophia Avramides (Administrator)

    Our wonderful president, Carolyn Winter, has uploaded the Archives of our RPA Journal from a time when it was a quarterly publication members received in the mail, and they are now available to members on our webpage! You can browse the issues from 2002 to 2010 and revisit all the wisdom and light to be found in the beautiful articles within. 

    We hope you will be inspired in new and wonderful ways, and remember, you too can write an article for the RPA Journal! In fact, why not write a review of one of the archived issues?! 

    Many thanks, Carolyn, for all your hard work in making this rich treasure trove available to us all. 

  • 7 Sep 2018 11:52 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    Would you love to become a Repatterning Journal contributor? For all Certified and Student Practitioner members but especially you who have yet to provide an article we have a membership challenge for you! I promise this will be fun, easy to do and will get you set up and excited to begin posting other things to the journal.

    The challenge is this - take your camera or smart phone and take a picture you can share online - preferably one of nature and tell us what Element and Quality your picture represents. Look this up in the Meridian and Five Elements book. Submit your picture as a contributor to the journal by making a post. In the post subject line, put the Element and one word or phrase quality that is represented in your picture. You may also provide one or two sentences about your picture if you wish but this is not necessary.

    At the we'll have a new section set up for "Snap A Quality" and subcategories for each of the five elements. Your picture/post will show up in both the main "Snap A Quality" section and the related element. We'll create journal posts that tie these pictures together by their seasonal quality for both the northern and southern hemispheres.

    This is a yearlong endeavor where we hope to have hundreds of photos with Elemental qualities. We'll make regular announcements in the weekly newsletter requesting/reminding your photo and qualities. We invite you to make at least one for each season! At the end of a year or two , quite possibly we'll collect the Snap a Quality posts into an EBook for the public and we'd love to have all practitioners represented.

    How to Participate - please read all the participation instructions at the journal discussion board post:

    In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the elemental season of Earth the end of summer. What Earth qualities can you snap and post? We look forward to receiving your entry! In the Southern Hemisphere Earth is the between season time. How is earth showing up for you? What Season are you experiencing? Put your creative lenses on and start snapping!

    Looking forward to your ‘Quality Snaps’ !

    The Journal Committee

    Sophia, Fiona, Carol and Carolyn

  • 30 Aug 2018 5:53 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    The 3rd Annual RPA Repattern Your Professional Goals Day September 29th – SAVE THE DATE

    In this event we come together as an association to repattern professional goals of our members and non member participants.   . Building on the principle of entrainment the amplitude for our intentions doubles when we are in the entrained energy of a group.

    Our event is in 3 parts – something to do before the day, the event day, and something to do afterward (Positive Action)


    DATE: Saturday September 29th 2018

    TIME: Noon Eastern to 2:30pm (approximately)

    VENUE: Video Conferencing online using'll send you the link no need to buy a zoom account)



    PART 1 - Record your CEU's SEPTEMBER 4th – 30th -Remember we have a new policy for CEU's. We would like to honor your professionalism by recording them to your account (private to you)!. This is an opportunity to make sure all of our members are up to date with regards to their CEU requirements.. You will be provided with a link to facilitate this.


    What was your greatest learning in the past 12 months? It is a rich new world of information and what has become old hat to you is brand new for someone else. Gather a link or two to share on the Professional Goals Day Discussion board.   We'll have an opportunity for members to share what they have learned with discussion board links and more in the next emails.

    PART 2 – SEPTEMBER 29th 2018 Repatterning Our Professional Goals EVENT DAY  -  Presented in 2 parts we’ll share new things happening at RPA in part one (The new session swapping board among them) .  In Part 2 we’ll repattern the professional goals of the group and use the group poetry exercise as the healing modality.   This is the main focus of the REPATTERNING YOUR PROFESSIONAL GOALS day. Everyone will have an opportunity to name their personal professional goals and have them included with our collective goals as a professional association. Imagine the energy applied to your goals!!!  

     PART 3 - Keep It Going- We have had many suggestions in the past to launch support groups for members who are isolated or want support for learning and integrating this work. With the new video conferencing we are using at RPA ( we are able to organize any number of group meetings provided there are volunteers. Our Walking Our Talk Monthly group is an example.  Do you have any other ideas? Bring them to the discussion.

    This event is free for members.

  • 8 Aug 2018 10:14 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

     Journal Committee member Sophia Avramides  facilitated the topic "Resonate with Writing for the Journal" . 

    Writing about our understanding of resonance repatterning,  our perceptions and relating them to our life experiences is a most effective way to   find an audience and potential clients.  With all the tools now available online, - mostly free, it is possible for everyone to have a significant online presence with well thought out content.  A Wordpress blog for example has all of the features of a mainstream newspaper like the New York Times, mostly free for you and I to use.    When you write for our RPAJournal - you are experiencing the same steps to being published as a journalist for any of these papers (albeit different standards :) ).  You submit an article, a committee reviews it and provides editorial feedback, you improve it and they publish it.!

    The power of entrainment energy possible by being published with your peer group (RPAJournal) is the same sort of energy that makes things go viral.  While there is nothing but good that can come from your articles published at the journal, most of us are not writing at all or rarely. 

    While it takes a certain resonance to write regularly and be published, as  Repatterning practitioners we have a key tool to overcome any block to participation - repatterning!  Join our next WOT  session this Saturday Aug 11  to light up your pen and resonate with writing.

    With light and love
    PS - Be sure to visit the Journal support page for Certified and Student Practitioners.  It was recently reformatted and now has the video from the June 14th Orientation event.

  • 25 Jun 2018 2:51 PM | Lana Lewis (Administrator)

    It gives the Repatterning Practitioners Association great pleasure to bring you a new feature. We listened to what members had to say and we have implemented the option whereby practitioners can now find other practitioners who are willing to swap free sessions.

    We have also implemented the option whereby practitioners can indicate that they are willing to receive sessions from Student Practitioners. This will help Student Practitioners find individuals on whom they can practice, and perhaps receive some guidance and useful input in the process. Swapping sessions is a free service, and no exchange of money forms part of this service.

    Please refer to the email we sent out for details on how to use this new feature.

  • 1 Jun 2018 9:37 AM | Sophia Avramides (Administrator)

    Did you know that the RPA has a Facebook Page? This is a great way to spread the word about the RPA and Resonance Repatterning though social media. You can find upcoming events there, interesting posts, and links to articles published in the RPA Journal.
    Got some friends or clients interested in what we do? Like our page and invite them to like it too. It's a simple, easy way to get the word out about Resonance Repatterning to all who would benefit from it!

  • 29 May 2018 1:23 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    A big welcome to long time certified practitioner Tina Beneman who has now officially taken over as the coordinator  of the Mentoring Program.  She'll be working with previous Leah MacLeod to learn the ropes.   Tina has served as a volunteer mentor herself supporting a number of student practitioners.

    Tina writes in her bio ....

    "I have always wanted to wave a magic wand. Working from deep experience as a gardener, teacher, writer, herbalist, therapist and minister, I’ve assembled a black bag that offers trustworthy support for authentic transformation.

    As a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning and a Flower Essence therapist, my work helps you break through old stuck places so you can move on to what you want in life. Sessions offer cutting edge tools for transformation within the embrace of my keen intuition and the warm shelter of my heart.

    Tina is currently studying through the HeartMath Institute and is an active member of Baltimore Crossings, a group devoted to educating families how to care for their loved ones at the time of death. She also leads funerals and memorial services.

    Tina lives with her husband George and a lively menagerie of creatures on several acres of meadows, streams and trees thirty minutes north of Baltimore, Maryland." - Tina

    Her favorite quote:
    Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
    -Harold Whitman

    Find out more about the mentoring program - either to be a support to student practitioners or receive the support of a mentor.... click here.

    Please welcome Tina to this vital RPA Volunteer Role.

    Carolyn Winter 

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