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Your Input needed for Saturday's WOT!!!

5 Dec 2017 5:46 PM | Sestina (Rose) Gallagher (Administrator)
This Saturday, December 9th, 2017 at 12 Noon EST Certified Practitioner Ana Lulic-Hrvojic will be giving us our 'Walking Our Talk' Repatterning session.  Her chosen theme is "Health and Well-Being'. 

Ana is requesting that, in advance of Saturday's session, we submit any problems and or intentions surrounding our physical health and well-being that we would like to have included in the session.  You can do this by replying to the discussion board on the WOT Program Page. Ana will collect your submissions for Saturday's Repatterning.  

Not yet signed up for the Walking Our Talk Program,  featuring  free monthly repatterning sessions for members?
Go here to register:  Register for 'Walking Our Talk'.   

After registering, go to the discussion board on the WOT Program page to include your problems and intentions with the rest of the group!  

See you on Saturday!!


  • 8 Dec 2017 7:00 AM | Anonymous
    Wow - that discussion board tool is incredible and it works so well for us to add and share our input. I appreciate being able to see the contributions by other members.
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