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29 May 2018 12:48 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

I am delighted to let you know that we have a few new improvements to our RPA website and how we feature practitioners donating wph sessions or writing journal articles.

1. The -  (wph) is our microsite for practitioners and student practitioners to post their live or proxy wph events. Posts announcing a WPH session are manually posted to a CALENDAR of events set up specifically for WPH. This calendar (with your events) is featured in a few places:

We'd love to feature your WPH events here as well. Find out more...  

2. The - is our microsite for practitioners and student practitioners to post their articles that help educate the public in a variety of ways, topics, and presentation methods about the work we do. What is new here is that our free journal blog is officially . If you happen to click that link it still works, but will now redirect you to our NEW url Hopefully this will be easier to remember.

PLUS....your recently posted journal articles are also now nicely featured on the home page in the 3rd widget box near the bottom of the page. Click any article link and it takes you to the site and the article. A link to the journal is also found at the Find a Practitioner page as well.


We'd love to have your articles featured here regularly. Find out more from the Journal team at the upcoming orientation event.

What Else?

When you start posting items at either site - worldpeacehologram or repatterningjournal  you begin to build a web presence with your own archive link of items. Look at the site and click any link for a recent contributor - you are taken to an archive page of that practitioners articles. The same is true of As a practitioner you may use these links to promote your work.  

Your comments and questions are welcomed! 

Carolyn Winter 
President at RPA 

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