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Resonate with Writing For The Journal

8 Aug 2018 10:14 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

 Journal Committee member Sophia Avramides  facilitated the topic "Resonate with Writing for the Journal" . 

Writing about our understanding of resonance repatterning,  our perceptions and relating them to our life experiences is a most effective way to   find an audience and potential clients.  With all the tools now available online, - mostly free, it is possible for everyone to have a significant online presence with well thought out content.  A Wordpress blog for example has all of the features of a mainstream newspaper like the New York Times, mostly free for you and I to use.    When you write for our RPAJournal - you are experiencing the same steps to being published as a journalist for any of these papers (albeit different standards :) ).  You submit an article, a committee reviews it and provides editorial feedback, you improve it and they publish it.!

The power of entrainment energy possible by being published with your peer group (RPAJournal) is the same sort of energy that makes things go viral.  While there is nothing but good that can come from your articles published at the journal, most of us are not writing at all or rarely. 

While it takes a certain resonance to write regularly and be published, as  Repatterning practitioners we have a key tool to overcome any block to participation - repatterning!  Join our next WOT  session this Saturday Aug 11  to light up your pen and resonate with writing.

With light and love
PS - Be sure to visit the Journal support page for Certified and Student Practitioners.  It was recently reformatted and now has the video from the June 14th Orientation event.

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