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RPA Journal Archives are ready!

17 Sep 2018 6:41 PM | Sophia Avramides

Our wonderful president, Carolyn Winter, has uploaded the Archives of our RPA Journal from a time when it was a quarterly publication members received in the mail, and they are now available to members on our webpage! You can browse the issues from 2002 to 2010 and revisit all the wisdom and light to be found in the beautiful articles within. 

We hope you will be inspired in new and wonderful ways, and remember, you too can write an article for the RPA Journal! In fact, why not write a review of one of the archived issues?! 

Many thanks, Carolyn, for all your hard work in making this rich treasure trove available to us all. 


  • 1 Feb 2019 3:48 PM | Theresa Larson
    Cool idea, I loved those articles and the pics, as I reflect back... It was such an amazing time of intrigue and growth for the Association and for myself.
    Thank you, Carolyn! Many thanks to the original authors and artists alike for those original pages.
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  • 15 Jun 2019 6:35 AM | Anonymous
    RPA is the inspiring growth in each other and the other world of the transfer with the practice association. The RPA generals are the generals who are in and ready for the belonging and the news of the sector.
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