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Movies and the Chakras!

21 Oct 2018 3:54 PM | Sophia Avramides

While looking through the films in the Fire Chakra positive action list, I realised that the list is rather short and unlikely to inspire my son who still prefers animated movies. Sounds to me like something the RPA could help with, I thought!

If you would like to take part by suggesting films and their corresponding Chakra/Five Element correlations, please reply to this post and, who knows, perhaps we'll get enough contributions to turn it into an ebook!  


  • 1 Feb 2019 3:43 PM | Theresa Larson
    Just curious ...What would you place these and a number of other animated movies as???
    *How to Train Your Dragon
    *Anime- Howel's Moving Castle
    *Pixar- pre-movie trailers, like the old man playing chess against his 'other' self Lol
    I love your idea!
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