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General Lapsed Members Policy

Policies are established by experienced committee members to provide fairness to all members. Policy is not law:

  • Special needs can be taken into account.
  • Partial scholarship discounts can be discussed.
  • Partial payments can be arranged.

Life happens and we are here to help. Please contact Administration at with any concerns. She is happy to work with you.

Practitioners returning after a lapse of several years face reinstatement fees and often also have expenses for CEU requirements. A discretionary partial scholarship toward the fee is available with the understanding that the member:

  • Will contribute as a volunteer.
  • Is a highly valuable asset to the vision/purpose of the RPA of bringing professional quality Repatterning to the world.
  • Has either maintained CEU activities or is enrolled in something that meets requirements.

The RPA is in the business of supporting members just as we are supported BY members. While rules and policy are crucial for equal treatment to all members, equally crucial are mutually beneficial conversations, flexibility and the expectation of positive change on both sides.

Lapsed membership is defined as membership that has not been paid by the renewal date. Until they are reinstated, Practitioners do not have their privileges of membership which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • They are no longer listed as Practitioners on the RPA website.
  • Practitioners can no longer use the RPA logos or advertise themselves as Certified Practitioners or Student Practitioners
  • They can no longer participate in RPA surveys and voting.

Student Practitioners

Dues not paid prior to expiration date requires a $50 reinstatement fee. The fee for Student Practitioners supports commitment and momentum and discourages “in again-out again” patterns.

  •  Lapse up to 1 year - $50 reinstatement fee
  •  Lapse 1 to 2.5 years (30 months) - $100 reinstatement fee
  •  Past Designated Observations expire after 2.5 years and have to be redone. Work on requirements is included (except lapsed Observations).

Certified Practitioners

Certified Practitioners are lapsed as of expiration date but can renew within 12 months with no fee – (can be late - the expiration date remains as original – does NOT move out to a year after payment - so if paid 5 months late, it still expires in 7 months).

Certified Practitioners returning after 2-5 years do face a fee (see the store). This fee can be paid in installments. Re-instatement is allowed only ONE time.

Lapsed 11-23 Months

  • Pay: Current Dues $200.00 + Reinstatement Fee $75.00
  • CEU's Required: complete and report 16 CEUs on the RPA approved CEU list for certified practitioners within a year to retain membership.

Recommended: Join the Mentorship program for 6 months to give and receive support to an RPA Member

Lapsed 24-48 Months

  •  Membership has lapsed 25-48 months (2-4 Years)
  • Pay: Current Dues $200.00 + Reinstatement Fee $125.00
  • CEU's Required: Provide RPA ADMIN with a record of the repatterning Seminar taken or Teacher Statement of 16 hours in Practitioner Skills Development taken up to 18 months prior to this renewal 

Recommended - Join the Mentorship program for 6 months to give and receive support to an RPA Member

Lapsed 49 Months:

  • Pay: Pay: Current Dues $200.00 + Reinstatement Fee $125.00
  • CEU's Required: be recommended for certification reinstatement by an RPA approved Designated Observer. 

Recommended - Join the Mentorship program for 6 months to give and receive support to an RPA Member

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