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Meet Vickie Dodd

Vickie Dodd pioneered the use of voice and touch as a bodywork in the early 1970’s.

From her beginnings, she perceived the world through frequency, energetic fields of

geometry and color. This led to teaching others how to listen to themselves and to use

their voices to recapitulate the memories and history that resides in their bodies. These

teachings empower and educate the serious sound student to direct and evolve their

emotional and physical maturation. She is the author of “Tuning The Blues To Gold:

Soundprints” and has a new book The Audible Body that will be released in 2021. As

director of Soundbody Productions she lives in Port Angeles, Washington, and teaches

in Europe and many locations around the USA.

To De-mystify Common Sense, is the need.


Saturday February 20, 2021, 3:00 pm EST

Self-care with Sound and Movement

Introducing practical ways of using our voice for daily self care.  Many of us are experiencing deep stress, fear and loss of security, real or imagined. 

Our focus with sound and movement will be to stay grounded and present.  These tools are especially helpful for mending and nourishing our nervous system.

Come, learn from and experience one of the pioneers of sound healing--you'll thank yourself later!

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