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Meet Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Anne Shapiro is a money mindset coach, women's empowerment and self-care teacher. She shows heart-centered women business owners how to evolve beyond patterns of lack, struggle and 'not enough' so they can truly flower and thrive in every aspect of their lives.  She works with movement and body practices for embodying the frequencies of prosperity.  In addition to coaching and teaching around money and prosperity, Ellen leads classes in Qigong, Ageless Grace, and Sovereign Self-care.  We can only realize true abundance on earth when we are fully alive and awake in our bodies.

She left the concrete canyons of NYC for the soaring canyons and open skies of Santa Fe New Mexico along with her previous career in the corporate world.  She's reinvented her life too many times to count, including teaching business to Native American artists, running a college department, financial management for nonprofits, and her latest incarnation of teaching movement and self care classes.  She's been a repatterning practitioner since 1999 and as a relentless, lifelong learner, trained or certified in 8+ other systems, including Polarity Therapy, Tapping into Wealth, Art of Feminine Presence, and various movement modalities. 

Website: https://www.ellenanneshapiro.com

Contact: 973-655-1745

Sunday February 21,2021, 2:30 pm EST

Presentation: Raise Your Money Vibe: Repattern Your Relationship to Money

These challenging times in the world have triggered all kinds of fears and limiting programs, around survival and money--which we have been trained to believe is our source of safety and survival. Ellen's been creating around the topic of money, power and sovereignty for some time and is happy to share one of those with you: the Relationship to Money repatterning.


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