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Meet Rosita Alvarez

Stressed out families, individuals and children of all ages find Rosita Alvarez deeply nourishes them physically, emotionally, spiritually and metaphysically. She enjoys being a part of removing the "OW" out of life and relationships and bringing back in the awe and wonder as a compassionate healer practicing Resonance Repatterning for over 18 years. 

She is a lead brain and emotional health coach at Modern Holistic Health.

Therapeutic applications of sound, light, energy, reiki, massage, art and dance are passions of hers for over 25 years. A humbling awakening happened while dancing and sculpting in 1989 that led to a heightened and surprising awareness of energy beyond her fingertips. By sensitively discerning energy fields, she found she was able to tap or merge into others and thus began a lifelong study of many ancient & modern systems of healing to refine her abilities and stay grounded in service.

Sunday February 21, 2021, 4:30pm EST

Panelist on Discussion Forum

In her practice, Rosita has taken the Spiral-up Option of Gobbledygook to a new level. Please join us in a new type of presentation style, a discussion panel, where each panelist will present their topic for discussion. Come and hear some amazing insights and stories!

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