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Meet Linsay Wilson

Linsay Wilson is a multi-talented and multi-faceted soul, who has done so much in her life that she should write a Book!  Until then, you can find out a little more about her as she presents on our new panel discussion forum.  Come and hear about her time as a Chaplain in a large trauma hospital using her training as a Music Healing and Transition Practitioner  and  as a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner with patients who were dying, healing and giving birth. 

Linsay has studied Repatterning work since 2000. She says "I understood the power of Resonance Repatterning during my time in a large trauma hospital as a Hospital Chaplain. The monitoring equipment allowed me to see the changes happening."

Another eye opener demonstrating power of RR for me was when I taught children in schools in Egypt and Guatemala. Prior to learning RR, I taught for many years in WV schools but both Egypt and Guatemala were totally different cultures, environments, languages and values.

I value my RR teaching and all the areas of study Chloe has included. I often end talking with someone by saying, “Thank you for allowing me to share my teacher’s teachings"

She has continued her studies retaking all of the RRI classes since 2017.

A very community spirited person, Linsay established a weekly RR Practitioners Group gathering meeting weekly since July 2018. She creates an atmosphere of mutual support where participants expand each others understanding and growth in their abilities by doing sessions for one another every Monday. She currently is serving on the RPA board of directors as the conference chair and has also worked on the Walking Our Talk program and nomination committee.



Sunday February 21, 2021, 4:30 pm EST

Music for Healing and Transition Program

Imagine Patients who heal faster, need less pain medication, and have a more positive healthcare experience. Imagine staff and caregivers who are less stressed themselves, dealing with less anxious patients.

The Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc. trains and certifies musicians in the art and science of providing therapeutic  music for body, mind and spirit. Why? Music can decrease pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, stabilize heart rate and more. Come join us for a new presentation style, the discussion forum, as Linsay presents her topic and hear some truly amazing experiences and pick up a few things.

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