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Call for Nominations 2023


Members who serve on the board make a lasting energetic contribution to the RPA, to its capacity to serve and empower members, and through them their clients and the world. 

Join us!

Bring your enthusiasm, your wisdom, your gifts and talents. Add to the legacy of a strong vibrant RPA that supports the work of every practitioner as leaders in energetic transformation. 

The sustainability of our organization depends on having new members join the board each year, as some of the existing members rotate off.

Any one of us can be a board member!  The life skills you already possess and use every day to run your own business, your household, and yourself are what is needed. While experience in business or committee work can be helpful, willingness to contribute, learn, and work in a team is even more valuable. 

You will be supported by the retiring board members, while you settle into your new role. 

If you are interested in contributing, please nominate yourself, or talk to one of us to find out more.

Scroll down for more information about the roles that are open in 2023, and click the link to nominate yourself or a fellow Repatterning practitioner. Together we are so much more!

With love and gratitude,

Your RPA Board of Directors,

Rose Gallagher, Fiona MacKenzie, Rosalyn Newsom, Patti Towhill, Victoria Benoit.

Open Positions

Nominations are open to Repatterning Practitioner members in good standing. 

For the term beginning February 2023, we have 3 director positions open. These include the Offices of President, Treasurer, and Secretary, in addition to the roles of Conference Chair and Events Coordinator. 

You may nominate yourself or another member for any of these.

Voting will be in keeping with our By-laws

The Perks!
  • Learn online skills
  • Develop leadership skills, confidence and the ability to project to the public
  • Work with a group to accomplish goals
  • Enjoy comradery and the satisfaction of making a difference
  • Repattern problems and challenges as they arise
  • Learn online skills, such as managing parts of the website and using email mailing lists
  • Develop leadership skills, confidence and the ability to project to the public
  • Work with a group to accomplish a goal
  • Enjoy comradery and the excitement and satisfaction of working for a common goal
  • Repattern problems and challenges as they arise


The President leads the RPA Board and holds the Vision for the RPA, making sure decisions are aligned with it. (Officer) *Please note that the President is elected by the RPA Board as already mentioned.



The secretary takes board meeting minutes, announces meetings, starts zoom meetings and records them, and similar duties. (Officer)



The Treasurer works with admin staff to propose the annual budget, monitor income and expenses and report to the board. A quarterly financial statement is  prepared for the board. (Officer) 


 Events Coordinator

   This board position will help keep track of 

   programs and events to make sure they

   are planned and carried out successfully.         


Conference Chair

   The Conference Chair works with a                     volunteer committee to plan and run 

   the annual conference.     


               NOMINATE YOURSELF

The Details

    Applicants must...

  • Be a Repatterning Practitioner member in good standing
  • Be willing to learn and contribute
  • Attend Board meetings
  • New members are oriented, supported and mentored by an existing Board member

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