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Private Sessions via Video Conferencing and specialized group sessions visit https://lighttravels.com/Programs-&-Services for details
I am a Holographic Coach, community leader, program developer and quilter. In my personal life, I explore the world of patterns through textiles. In my professional work, I explore patterns through energy work, to help my clients resolve long standing problems and issues and live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

I believe we are living in a time of transformation, at the frothy edge of change, where knowledge, technology, and personal potential collide. Every one of us contributes to the renaissance and unlike other generations we have the opportunity to live our true purpose and potential for a life of personal fulfillment... but sometimes we need help to move past the old patterns of being. This is where I can help you and bring many strengths to this process especially compassion, intuition and understanding.

Resonance - Biofeedback - World Hologram

At the same time, I am endlessly fascinated in how a simple session of inquiry has an inner complexity that often leads to extraordinary results. My work reveals your world as a hologram, and using techniques based on principles of resonance and biofeedback, I shed light on the process of change. Through this work, you are rewarded with insights and awareness which enable you to take new personal actions that affect every aspect of your life. Your connections with others deepen and you may find yourself in awe at how easy it is to change, as the universe brings you delightful, unexpected surprises.

My personal passion spills over... I enjoy expressing myself creatively through quilting or crafting old things for new purposes. Woven into every beautiful quilt -whether made from scraps or expensive silks and batiks is the hidden deeper meanings of resonance created by the colors, textures, sources, shapes and designs created by the quilter or a community working on a quilt. I usually start a quilt with a pattern and a person in mind and then follow the energy of design, colors and patterns. The process for me, typically leads to a surprising outcome and a beautiful final design that is a perfect representation of that person. I bring this same joy of pattern discovery and creation of beauty to my sessions for clients with love and light - always!

Professionally, I have served in the role of online coordinator for licensed teacher Ardis Ozborn 2012- Feb 2020 and am a longtime supporter of the wider Resonance Repatterning Community having served as president and current past president at the Repatterning Practitioners Association.

The Repatterning Journal - Articles by Carolyn Winter https://repatterningjournal.com/author/carolynwinter/
World Peace Hologram Sessions by Carolyn Winter https://worldpeacehologram.com/author/carolynwinter/

Find out more about Carolyn Winter at https://lighttravels.com/AboutCarolynWinter or Meet me! ... and book a Free 15 Minute consultation https://go.oncehub.com/yourquestionsanswered
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Holographic Coaching services https://lighttravels.com/HolographicCoaching
Online Group Proxy Sessions - https://lighttravels.com/Group-Programs
Repatterning for Small Business Owners (Coming soon)
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