Mastering My Present Moment Affirmation Cards (10)

Created on: 21 Jan 2018
Download the photos in this album by right clicking each one. Save to your computer and print to create your own set of healing cards that support one intention. ENJOY!
  • THE JOURNEY BEGINS... - what is your over-all vision, goal, project or intention? Be specific. The remaining cards will energize your intention.
  • EARTH CHAKRA - Affirm an earth chakra quality you feel you need - financial stability, safety and security, Family and belonging, home keeping, centered-ness.
  • WATER CHAKRA - affirm one water chakra quality from relationships, intimacy, emotions, feelings, creativity, OR career.
  • FIRE CHAKRA - affirm one fire chakra quality needed from personal action, self-esteem, self-assurance, high self image, gut level intuition, time and money, will power OR energy level.
  • HEART/AIR Chakra - affirm one heart chakra quality needed from unconditional love or forgiveness, compassion, blueprints success OR Inner Purpose
  • ETHER CHAKRA - affirm one ether chakra quality for Creative Self-expression, voice, being heard or faith
  • The Card says it all! May your intention manifest in perfect timing for you!
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