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7 Sep 2018 11:52 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Would you love to become a Repatterning Journal contributor? For all Certified and Student Practitioner members but especially you who have yet to provide an article we have a membership challenge for you! I promise this will be fun, easy to do and will get you set up and excited to begin posting other things to the journal.

The challenge is this - take your camera or smart phone and take a picture you can share online - preferably one of nature and tell us what Element and Quality your picture represents. Look this up in the Meridian and Five Elements book. Submit your picture as a contributor to the journal by making a post. In the post subject line, put the Element and one word or phrase quality that is represented in your picture. You may also provide one or two sentences about your picture if you wish but this is not necessary.

At the we'll have a new section set up for "Snap A Quality" and subcategories for each of the five elements. Your picture/post will show up in both the main "Snap A Quality" section and the related element. We'll create journal posts that tie these pictures together by their seasonal quality for both the northern and southern hemispheres.

This is a yearlong endeavor where we hope to have hundreds of photos with Elemental qualities. We'll make regular announcements in the weekly newsletter requesting/reminding your photo and qualities. We invite you to make at least one for each season! At the end of a year or two , quite possibly we'll collect the Snap a Quality posts into an EBook for the public and we'd love to have all practitioners represented.

How to Participate - please read all the participation instructions at the journal discussion board post:

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the elemental season of Earth the end of summer. What Earth qualities can you snap and post? We look forward to receiving your entry! In the Southern Hemisphere Earth is the between season time. How is earth showing up for you? What Season are you experiencing? Put your creative lenses on and start snapping!

Looking forward to your ‘Quality Snaps’ !

The Journal Committee

Sophia, Fiona, Carol and Carolyn


  • 13 May 2019 2:06 AM | Nicholas Imlay
    Snap the all quality that was a challenge of the all membership program it has the all comments on it that was good to read. I have to check the all events on it that was on this has the all details about the all communities that was on it.
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